Sun at De Grote Plat

Students on a picnic
Students picnic near De Grote Plas (the big puddle)

May 18, 2019
Madelyn Cayton
Students in Delft
Today started off with a quick bike ride past the Saturday market, where Bowen and Lily had a major tumble. We spent time where a professor is staying, had some apple tart, and discussed everything we’ve seen so far in Delft, comparing it to the U.S. We also talked about the Vision Zero Network, and its impacts in various countries.

Some of us decided to bike to a nearby lake, De Grote Plas (the big puddle). We all brought a picnic lunch to eat at the lake, and spent our afternoon sitting by the lake. A few of us went for a swim, but the water was too cold for most of us. After a few hours at the lake, we biked to the nearby Ikea for dinner and some ice cream.