Wedding Bliss from Spring 2019 Magazine

April 22, 2019

Congrats to all these lovebirds!

’15 Lindsey Kranz and '15 Ricardo Ramirez (above) first met during the Gonzaga-in-Florence program, and walked down the aisle at Mission Santa Clara. Below, family and friends cheer them on in Zag fashion. 

family gather around couple with GU flag

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two separate couples in outdoor wedding portraits
’93 Brian Witty and '93 Kerstin McInnis (above left) tied the knot 29 years after they first met (at an incoming freshman class social at GU). 
’11 Rachel Schlosser and ’11 Alexander Baumgartner (above right) tied the knot in Bristol, R.I., this August after meeting at GU and dating for nine years.


large wedding party with women in teal dresses and men in gray suits
’07 Jennifer Norman and Tyson Cooper (above) said “I do” in a cherry tree orchard in Dayton, Ore. Jennifer has become a stepmom to 10-year-old Cayden.


one couple photographed near trees and one couple beneath the Bing Crosby Theatre sign with their names
’09 Kate Little and ’09 Marcus Mosley (above left) joined in marriage after meeting through their Gonzaga-in-Florence program, and after a 10-year friendship that blossomed into love.
’16 Sarah Marr and ’17 Michael Barclay (above right) celebrated their wedding and GU love story in Spokane, where the big day kicked off with a special sign on the Bing Crosby Theater reader board.


two couples, both in black and white outdoor images
’13 Benjamin Sexton and ’14 Caitlin LeBrun (above left) flew from South Korea to Seattle over the Chuseok holiday to celebrate their wedding with loved ones.
’10 Angie Tarabochia and ’10 John McDonagh (above right) married in Seattle in October. The best man and one of the bridesmaids were also GU alumni.


large wedding party outdoors with people holding bulldog flag
’10 Daniel Ellis and ’11 Mandi Stillwell (above) were married with nearly 40 other Zags in attendance.


large wedding party outdoors with GU flag 
’12 Jake Johnson and ’14 Katherine Crha (above) celebrated their wedding in the company of nearly 25 other Zags.


several generations of Zags celebrate with new couple
’12 Alex Williams and ’13 Kaitlin Pursley (above) were wed in Denver, surrounded by a host of Zags, including eight in the wedding party, the bride’s father (’69), and her uncle (’99), who officiated the wedding.

bride surrounded by bridesmaids in white and groom
’13 Kathleen King and Adam Duncan (above) became wife and husband in an October wedding with six other ’13 alumni in attendance.

large wedding party with women in blue and men in gray
’13 Kevin Stratton married Anna Groven (above) with seven fellow Zags in attendance.


wedding party with women in yellow dresses and men in gray suits 

’13 Tori Sander and ’14 Andrew Asper (above) who met during their freshman year at GU and married in Greenbluff, just celebrated their one-year anniversary.


couple sitting on steps
’14 Bre Jaspersen and ’14 Nick Pangares met in their first-year orientation group, and met the nine Zags in their wedding party while living in CM their freshman year. The bride’s brother (’12) officiated the wedding and the groom’s sister (’11) recited the reading.


bride and groom exiting building
’14 Brian Sinclair 
and '14 Emily O’Neill (shown above) met in their last month at GU. They celebrated with a Maui honeymoon while cheering for the Zags during the Maui Invitational.


two separate couples both in outdoor wedding portraits 
’14 Sydney Marcotte and ’14 Scott Davis (above, left) married with four other Zags in their wedding party.
’13 Sarah Katz and ’13 Nicholas Hardin (above, right) began married life last October with a St. Al’s wedding ceremony, and look forward to cheering on the Zags together.


“Sugar, Sugar”

The Archies’ classic love hit was No. 1 in the summer of love, 1969. 
Reminisce with us: What were the best love songs played or sung at weddings when you got married?