Suffrage to Solidarity: Faculty reflect on the 19th Amendment

sepia drawing of woman with images inside the outline
Playbill for drama by Elizabeth C. Shultis

October 02, 2019
Kate Vanskike

This academic year offers an opportunity to recognize a historical moment through many academic lenses. “19th & Counting: From Suffrage to Solidarity” is Gonzaga’s celebration of the 19th Amendment’s centennial – a chance to reflect on what it took for women to get the right to vote and to advance additional work toward equity for all.

Throughout the year, regular lectures and events across campus will adopt the theme of women’s progress and gender equality. In the meantime, many faculty members have put their personal and academic perspectives on the topic down on “paper,” and a collection of their work is featured on the 19th & Counting web page.

Georgie Ann Weatherby, sociology and criminology professor, shared her poem, “Lady Liberty.” Emily Clark in religious studies provides perspective as a female athlete. JoAnn Barbour from Leadership Studies shares a family history that informs her inspiration to vote. Communications Studies faculty member Heather Crandall traces lessons learned about changing terminology, like suffragist versus suffragette. Casey Schmitt, also from comm studies, shares his experience researching Buffalo Bill Cody, of all people. (No spoilers here … go ahead and read it for yourself.)

This first collection includes 10 pieces, offering a depth of insight and an array of approaches that is sure to inspire more.

Watch for the second wave to come.

*Learn more about the playbill art shown above in this story by Katharine Shultis.


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