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Words and photos have power. They move us to connect, to discuss, to ponder, to give. This is where Gonzaga readers respond.

Choosing Joy

Gonzaga Magazine's "Happiness" issue is a gloriously positive collection - a bright spot in a world of negative news.  But we recognize that sometimes it's hard to be happy, and sometimes, our students need support facing challenges.

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Mission: Possible

Service immersion opportunities help students to see the challenges of homelessness, poverty, immigration, addiction and many other tragedies up close through people who are impacted directly. These are often career-defining moments or lifelong lessons. 

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Parental Guidance

Sending your son or daughter off to college – whether it’s your first or your last – is tough. What do you remember most about that experience? What advice would you have for caregivers who are struggling to leave their beloved young adult at campus? 

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We know you have stories to tell: Memories of professors who made a difference; lessons learned in your career journey; fun times at your local alumni chapter events. Send your story ideas to the editor

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Contribute to Stories

Lasting Impression

Which professor took the extra time you needed, or provided that nugget of insight that directed your path? We want to know who made a difference.

Calling All Business Grads!

We’re gearing up for the School of Business Administration’s 100th Anniversary. If you are an alum from any area of business, please reach out.