Zag Scholarship Fund

Sponsoring a Zag is a commitment to the next generation of Jesuit-educated leaders.

By setting up a recurring donation to the Zag Scholarship Fund, you are sponsoring a Zag with the support they need to become a force for good. Your gift demonstrates that you believe in their potential and the power of a Gonzaga education to equip them to have a positive impact on individuals, communities and the world, through any discipline or industry.  

It's easy!

Setting up a recurring donation is a simple way to ensure your impact for Gonzaga University and its students year after year. 

It's appreciated!

Sponsoring a Zag earns you special invitations to annual events where you can see the gratitude for your contributions firsthand as you network with students and other scholarship donors. 


Grateful Zag: Eva

"I would like to thank all the kind donors who have made my education at Gonzaga possible. It takes a truly generous person to help others achieve their dreams. Thank you for helping me achieve mine."

Grateful Zag: Elise

“I am so grateful for the generous support of Gonzaga University’s donors. Without the help of these individuals, I would not be able to attend Gonzaga and would have missed out on so many incredible opportunities for advancement and growth. Thank you for all you’ve done, it has truly changed my life!”