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Thank you for your interest in supporting Gonzaga University and its students through the School of Education.

Yoli Gallardo, Ph.D.

School of Education Excellence Fund

Your investment provides the Dean with resources at their discretion to cover recurring and unexpected expenses that arise within the School, including (among other things), maintaining critical equipment, responding to unforeseen financial challenges for students, and supporting faculty with ongoing professional development, fellowships and research grants.

Class in the Rosauer Center for Education. (Photo by Austin Ilg)

The Office of a Pedagogy of Hope through Research and Practice

Serving the educational community by providing Gonzaga University students, faculty, staff, and the wider community opportunities to engage in active questioning, reflection, dialogue, and transformative practices as valued participants, our mission is to understand and re-imagine historical and contemporary educational systems and practices.

Your support helps the office provide a venue where faculty, staff, and students can engage with critical questions that will change curriculum, practice, and relationships with the goal to enhance existing partnerships with organizations both on and off campus so that learning and acting with and for one another is truly a community experience.