How do I activate my newspaper subscription?

Foley Library offers full online subscriptions for all Gonzaga students, faculty, and staff to the following newspapers:

Good to know: 

In addition we subscribe to a number of news and newspaper related databases, including access to historical newspaper resources

You can access full text of hundreds of additional newspaper titles through our newspaper databases.  To locate specific articles, search for the publication title (e.g. Washington Post, Los Angeles Times) in Periodicals @ Foley journal search to find full text access.



Activating your NYT access

Gonzaga students faculty and staff have full complimentary access to and NYT mobile apps, as well as their international editions, thanks to our school-wide subscription made possible by contributions from GSBA, Foley Library, Faculty Senate and the Provost. 

Access includes the Times Machine, with digital images of the complete newspaper from Volume 1 Issue 1, September 18, 1851 - 2002 (must login to NYT account to access off campus).


To access, each user must initially register using their Gonzaga email address:

  1. Go to the New York Times database (off campus users: authenticate with your Gonzaga username and password).
  2. Create free account using your Gonzaga email.
  3. You have successfully claimed a Pass when you see the Start Your Access screen, which will display the expiration time and date of your pass. Please note, that each “pass” is good for 364 days, and then will need to be renewed by accessing your NYT account via the above link which routes through the Gonzaga proxy server.
  4. Now you can enjoy seamless full access to, and NYT mobile apps just by logging into your account from any location, on or off campus.

Also included in the “Group Pass” is access to the NYTimes smartphone and tablet apps (iPhone, Android, Windows).


Already have a registered account?

 Hint:Remain logged into your account to have seamless access to and our mobile apps for the duration of your Pass.Visit to view your Pass eligibility and expiration timestamp at any time.

Download your free NYT apps: visit

Annual renewal

Your group pass is good for one year from activation, and must be reactivated after expiration.

To reactivate go to and login with your Gonzaga credentials, and then your NYT credentials. This login process will reset your group pass for NYT access via the website and app.


Activating your WSJ access

Wall Street Journal Access Benefits:

  • Unlimited access to
  • WSJ mobile and tablet apps
  • Curated WSJ newsletters
  • WSJ+, a complimentary premium membership for events and other offers

Setting up access

  • Go to
  • Sign in with your Gonzaga network account
  • For "Account Type," select Student, Staff, or Professor. If you choose Student, you will need to enter an expected graduation date. If you choose Staff or Professor, you will need to reactivate in one year.
  • Enter your Gonzaga network password again, your email address should be populated in the web form.
  • Click "Create."
  • You should be redirected to the "Complete Your WSJ Membership" page, where you can choose to register for WSJ Mobile access, subscribe to newsletters and alerts, or continue to right away.
  • A verification email may also be sent to your email address – if so, simply click the link and enter your password on the page to activate your account.


If you already have a subscription to the Wall Street Journal, you can call 1-800-JOURNAL (1-800-568-7625) to cancel your paid subscription and switch to the Gonzaga access. You will be refunded the remaining balance of your subscription.

Student Membership

Students are required to enter expected graduation date & year when activating WSJ membership. This is the membership expiration date. Once you have followed the steps for first-time users and activated your account, it should allow you full access until the membership expiration date with no further action on your part. If you graduate later than expected and lose access, you can always reactivate your membership.

Faculty and Staff Membership

All faculty & staff retain WSJ membership for one year after activating. Once you have followed the steps for first-time users and activated your WSJ account using your Gonzaga network login and email address, it should allow you full access for 52 weeks with no further action on your part. After that, you will have to reactivate your membership.

WSJ Apps

Your Gonzaga account grants you access to all of the Wall Street Journal apps. To download your smartphone app, visit

Accessing the Spokesman Review through Foley Library

Full access to the Spokesman Review website is available on campus only.

Spokesman Review