Articles and Journals

Do you need to find an article for your research?

Foley Library subscribes to over 400 full text and research Databases, many of which are indexed and searchable via Primo

How to find articles available through Foley Library

Primo is a great place to start your research, with Primo you can search across many databases at once. 

For the most complete search results, it is recommended you login to Primo when searching.  Being logged in, you can save searches or items from your results list.  Use your Gonzaga username and password to login to Primo.

Full text articles in Primo will either have a "Full text available" link or a "Download PDF" option for one click access.

Searching for a specific article

Citation Search

When you have all the details of the article you need, you can us the Citation Search to enter the specific journal, article, author, page number etc. and resolve right to the article you need.

How to find journals and newspapers available through Foley Library

Journal Search is a comprehensive list of journals and newspaper titles that Foley subscribes to. If you are looking for a certain publication, or a certain article Journal Search is a great place to start.

  • Search by the publication title (eg. the source the article was published in like "New York Times")
  • Your search results may show multiple databases that offer the same publications.
  • If looking for a particular article from a particular journal, pay attention to the publication date, as databases may have different date ranges available.
  • Journal Search also indexes journals and newspaper we subscribe to in print.  Print periodicals are available on the lower level of Foley Library.

So why bother with specific databases?

  • Subject specific databases allow users to do more targeted subject searching within their field.
  • Most databases offer a thesaurus of subject headings used to categorize their articles, browsing that thesaurus can be a great help to your research.
  • You can find search results for great articles that Foley may not have access to, you can request them through ILL (Inter-Library Loan).
  • Primo does search across MANY library databases, but not ALL, you may find additional full text resources by searching in the databases.
  • 'Databases' is a broad term in the library, in addition to the full text article repositories, some of our databases offer eBooks, audio books, streaming videos, music, primary sources and more. 

Good to know:

  • The Primo search box is available front and center on the Foley Library homepage.
  • Primo is also the library catalog, and will return search results for physical materials in Foley.
  • When searching by subject, or keyword Primo is a great place to start.
  • If looking for a specific article you can search by article title in Primo, use the Citation Search, or you can search Periodicals@Foley for the source title the article appeared in to see if Foley subscribes to the publication.
  • If you need an article and Foley does not have it, you can request it through ILL.

Looking for the news?

All Gonzaga students, faculty, and staff have full complimentary access to the New York Times and Wall Street Journal, once they activate their subscription through Foley Library.

New York Times Subscription Activation

Wall Street Journal Subscription Activation