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It’s the Sign of the Times!

Olivia Antoine

In fall of 2016, the Foley Library unveiled a new subscription to The New York Times (NYT) newspaper. Since then, both professors and students have been utilizing this service in fascinating ways.

John Kafentzis, a professor in the Integrated Media department at Gonzaga University, uses the NYT subscription to teach his students about current events. Kafentzis directs his students to the NYT to prepare for weekly news quizzes. He feels that it is a very reliable source for national news.

“I find the breadth of things that they are doing are interesting both for my own information and also to show students what’s going on in the news world. Things like their interactive graphics, the VR (virtual reality) that they do, they are always trying new things and their website is especially strong,” Kafentzis said.

The New York Times is revitalizing ways to acquire news. Through their new Virtual Reality app, it is possible to discover news in immersive ways. The app offers a 360-degree view of various news stories creating an in-depth and high-tech news experience. As part of the Foley Library subscription, all Gonzaga students have access to this application now too.
Classes in all departments are utilizing the new subscription. Kafentzis believes that every student can find value in reading the news. “I think that whether you’re in PR or Journalism you need to stay up with what’s going on in the world,” he said.

Kim Pearson, the associate dean for academic affairs and program innovation at the Gonzaga School of Law, has utilized the NYT subscription in her classes in order for her students to apply real-world issues inside the classroom.

The Foley Library is constantly working to expand their subscriptions and patron services. In fall of 2018, Foley Library acquired a new subscription to the Wall Street Journal that provides students with complimentary access. The library is excited to hear how the new subscription will enhance classes across campus. Contact us through our social media or with any suggestions or praises concerning the library’s news subscriptions.

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