ESL Curriculum


When you arrive, you will complete several placement tests that will help us find the best level for you to begin your study at Gonzaga. Following the tests, you will meet with your Faculty Advisor to discuss your study plan and what you can do to be successful in our program.

Program of Study

There are four levels available to students. Each level consists of approximately 300 hours of instruction. All students utilize the University's computer and language labs.

Sample Schedules for Levels


Level 2 courses are designed for students with limited knowledge of English.

Emphasis is placed on vocabulary development, basic grammar, and learning to speak basic and functional English. In this level students will learn to use English to do daily activities such as shopping, eating out, making new friends, having conversations, and studying. They will also learn to talk, write, and read about themselves, their families and home life, and favorite activities.

Class activities include talking to Americans and exploring the campus.


This level is intended for students with an intermediate level of English and some formal English language study.

Emphasis is placed on working toward increased speed and fluency in speaking, reading and writing. Students continue to develop skills for everyday life activities while learning more complex grammar and increasing vocabulary and reading speed. They also develop their ability to share information in speaking and writing.

While doing projects with classmates, they explore the campus, meet and interview staff and faculty members, and get to know the local community.


Students with a more advanced ability in English and considerable formal English study in Level 4.

Emphasis is placed on developing academic as well as general vocabulary and fluency, as well as accuracy and sophistication in speaking, listening, reading and writing.

In projects, students work with classmates to explore the local community, interview Americans, and share information in discussions, essays and presentations. Other class activities include reading news and novels as well as textbooks.


This level is designed primarily as an academic English course, but also serves students who are already at a low advanced level of proficiency and wish to improve their English proficiency for various academic, job-related, and personal goals.

In this level, students learn skills for listening to academic lectures, reading textbooks, and writing essays. Students plan and lead class activities and discussions about topics of their choice and complete extensive community based research projects.

Students who successfully complete Level 5 receive an official Certificate of ELC Completion.

Courses include:

  • Communication Seminar
  • Language Awareness
  • Academic Seminar

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