Climate Institute Workshop - Teaching Climate Literacy

Integrating Climate Literacy Into the Classroom Workshops 

For university professors

For K-12 teachers

Teaching Climate Solutions in the Inland Northwest Spring 2024 Cohort - FULL 

Hosted by the Gonzaga Institute for Climate, Water, and the Environment, this professional learning workshop will help K-12 teachers to explore the intersections between climate and their teaching practice including: 

  • Place-based pedagogy and climate solutions
  • Intersection of climate justice and local phenomenon
  • Family and community engagement in climate learning
  • Value systems and worldview investigations
  • Student driven action projects 


  • February 6, from 4 -6 PM (in-person)
  • February 27, from 4-6 PM (virtual)
  • March 26, from 4-6 PM (in-person)
  • April 16, from 4-6 PM (virtual)
  • May 14, from 4-6 PM (in-person)

Where: Gonzaga University, Spokane, WA and Zoom

*Space is limited to 30 participants. Signing up is not a guarantee of participation. You will receive your registration confirmation separately.*

Washington state teachers are eligible for:

  1. 10 STEM clock hours from Gonzaga School of Education 
  2. $200 stipend
  3. 2 climate books


  • Dr. Brian G. Henning, Ph.D. Professor of Philosophy and Environmental Studies & Director of the Institute for Climate, Water, and the Environment.
  • Karli Honebein, Program Coordinator, Gonzaga Institute for Climate, Water, and the Environment.
  • Kali Natarajan, Climate Literacy Outreach Specialist, Gonzaga Institute for Climate, Water and the Environment

Students Demand Climate Education

Not sure if your students are interested in learning about climate change? Check out what students in Spokane think! The Spokane Public Schools Student Advisory Council on Climate Change (SAC3) was appointed to advise the Spokane School Board, provide student perspectives on climate education, and work alongside the School Board and district administrators to incorporate adequate and updated climate curriculum in all grade levels. In 2021, SAC3 surveyed students in grades 5-12 on the state of climate education in Spokane. Click the picture to learn more

Student Advisory Council on Climate Change Survey Results
(Click image to learn more.)



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The United States Environmental Protection Agency is a key partner in supporting our Climate Literacy Project through environmental education grants.

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ClimeTime is facilitated by the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) and funded by the WA State Legislature.