Spokane Climate Cup Scoreboard


Help your high school win the 2024 Spokane Climate Cup. Point totals for each participating school are published on Monday each week of the competition period from April 18-May 30. 


Rules & Ensuring Fairness

  • *Point calculations methodology:
    • One point is awarded per action completed. (Note: this is different than points within SustainableSpokane.org, which calculates points based on the tons of CO2 equivalent reduced by a given action).
    • The total number of points is then divided by the size of the student body population to arrive at a per capita number. This number is typically a decimal since there are fewer than one action per student at a school. To arrive at a non-decimal number, the per capita decimal is multiplied by a factor of 1000. For instance, if a school has completed 10 climate actions and has 400 students, then the calculation would be (10/400) * 1000 = 25 total points. See discussion of fairness and equity below. Contact ClimateCenter@gonzaga.edu with any questions about scoring. 
  • Fairness and equity:
    • To ensure population size equity, point totals will be calculated per capita, that is, the total number of points will be divided by the number of student participants, ensuring that larger schools do not have an unfair advantage over smaller schools.
    • To ensure resource equity, the competition will be based on the number of actions completed, not the size of the impact of a given action. 


Want to help your students learn about sustainability and climate solutions? We have complete lesson plans and activities to help you incorporate the Climate Cup into your classroom. 

Need more information?

Questions about the Climate Cup? ClimateCenter@gonzaga.edu