Application for Student Research Assistantships - Summer 2015

Many science faculty members plan to have research positions available this summer.  Most projects are supported by GSRP (Gonzaga Science Research Program), while others are supported by external grants, such as HHMI (Howard Hughes Medical Institute), Research Corp, NSF, or other granting agencies.  The vast majority of summer awards are paid positions.  However, for students with special circumstances academic credit may be granted instead of pay for a portion of the summer research assistantship.  Download the current guidelines for receiving academic credit for research HERE.

Only Gonzaga students who will be returning as undergraduates in the fall semester are eligible for GSRP or HHMI support. [Projects supported by other external grants may have different rules.]  The pay rate is expected to be $10.00 per hour.  The maximum number of hours worked is 440 (11 full weeks), and the minimum is 220 (a half award).  Work schedules are to be agreed upon with the supervising faculty researcher.  Students who are attending summer school are encouraged to apply, but may not be eligible for a full award.  Additionally, students are expected to present their research results at the Murdock Conference (usually in November) and at the GSRP Poster Session (usually in October).

Descriptions of Gonzaga faculty research projects can be found by clicking on the "Faculty Research Interests" button to the left.  It is strongly recommended that students talk to each faculty member with whom they would like to work.  Be aware that some faculty members may not accept summer research students even though their projects are included among the descriptions.  A faculty member typically gives first consideration to those students who have named that faculty member on their applications. Therefore, it is generally advantageous to list several faculty members.

Special programs for 2015

OCRE - Do summer research off-campus!  Students will receive an hourly salary, in addition to a housing allowance and travel assistance, to live and work at a large research university
Students who are interested in applying for this opportunity should download an on-line application HERE.
The application contains a listing of potential 2015 research sites.
Note:  The application deadline for off-campus positions is January 30, 2015.

Apply for the St. Francis Award.  This award is specifically for a student who is interested in pursuing a career is veterinary medicine.  If you are interested in receiving the St. Francis Award, please check the box in section C of this application, and describe in the essay section your interests in veterinary medicine and any previous experience you have in this field.

Gonzaga students who do summer research on-campus may also participate as student mentors in SIS (Science in Summer). This 4-week program starts in late June and consists of local high school students participating in a full time research internship on campus.  High school interns will work in a lab and do an independent research project that is similar to the project being done by their mentors.  Mentors selected for the program are expected to be the primary source of information and guidance to the high school students and are offered a stipend of $100 as a bonus for their participation. 
To be considered for the SIS program, check the box in section G and explain why you are interested in acting as a student mentor.

Summer research awards are competitive. The awards committee will evaluate capacity for success in research (not simply GPA). Students of color, students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, and first generation college students are especially encouraged to apply.  Students who currently have an academic year HHMI URA must apply if they wish to be considered for summer support.

Applications are due by 5:00 pm on February 9, 2015.
it is recommended that you compose your answers in a word document, and then cut and paste into this form just prior to submission. 
Incomplete forms will not be saved.

(Dr. Glass will acknowledge receipt of all applications beginning February 4, 2015.  If you do not receive an acknowledgment, please contact him.)

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