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Social Justice, Foreign Culture and Fine Arts Core Requirements

Social Justice, Foreign Culture and Fine Arts Core Requirements

Arts & Sciences Core

Social Justice, Foreign Culture and Fine Arts Courses

(As of  March 25, 2015)

Part of the core requirements for Arts and Sciences majors include a course in each of three areas:  Social Justice, Foreign Culture and Fine Arts.   These courses must have been designated as such by the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences prior to the semester they are offered.

Social Justice courses introduce students to one or more social justice concerns and help them develop critical and analytical tools to recognize, understand and respond to institutional and structural injustices found in economic, political, cultural or ecclesial systems.

Foreign Culture courses teach students the mind-set or world view of a particular foreign culture by examining the values and traditions that shape a people’s life.  They compare another culture with western traditions in order to provide insight into the values and practices of the foreign culture.  Several foreign language (classical or modern) courses also fulfill this requirement.

Fine Arts designation applies to Art, Music and Theatre courses that contain a substantial lecture component and have been authorized by the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences.

To check course offerings for the current (or future) semester, log into Zagweb and SEARCH FOR CLASSES.  Select the appropriate term and click on "Advanced Search".  Highlight all of the departments, and from the "Attributes Type" list, select "Fine Arts Core," "Foreign Culture/Language" or "Social Justice Requirement" for a list of courses offered that semester

For a complete listing of Arts and Sciences courses that have been designated as fulfilling the A&S core requirements for Social Justice, Foreign Culture or Fine Arts, please click HERE.

For instructors who are interested in submitting an application for their course to receive a "Social Justice" designation, please download the instructions (HERE), the "Special Course Designation Form" (HERE), and the "Requirements for an A&S Social Justice Course" document (HERE, example response)


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