Inland Empire Undergraduate English Conference

The Inland Empire Undergraduate English Conference is currently on hiatus.

The Inland Empire Undergraduate English Conference is intended to provide an opportunity for undergraduate students to share their hard work, to see what other students in the region are doing, and to explore the possibilities of going on to graduate school or professional opportunities. By attending subject panels, students get a chance to see what their peers are doing, which is all too rare in English where the bulk of written work manifests itself in papers that only one or two people ever read. The goals of the conference are to recognize the best regional papers, to expose students to their peers’ work, and to cultivate interaction between regional English departments.

The conference is currently on hiatus due to a dearth of submissions. If you would like to see the conference reinstated, or if you have questions or suggestions about it, contact Dr. Jeff Miller at
Dr. Jeff Miller
English Department Chair, Associate Professor
502 E. Boone Avenue
Spokane, WA 99258-0018
Phone: (509) 313-6676