Program Outline

The Master of Art in Religious Studies Program is currently undergoing some changes and applications are not being accepted at this time. Please contact Dr. Anastasia Wendlinder, for more information.

Dr. Anastasia Wendlinder
Co-Director, Graduate Program

Course Requirements (36 credits total)

  • 24 credits in foundational course work
  • 9 credits in electives
  • 3 credits in the final research paper
1. Required core courses provide basic tools for claiming the tradition
and constructing a reflective Christianity for our times.
Core Courses (24 credits)

RELI 510 Hebrew Bible/Old Testament 3 credits
RELI 519 New Testament 3 credits
RELI 521 Theological Anthropology 3 credits
RELI 522 Christology 3 credits
RELI 526 Comparative Theologies 3 credits
RELI 530 Christian Moral Theology 3 credits
RELI 535 Theologies of Social Justice 3 credits
RELI 546 or 546A
Church History (Early 546 or From the Reformation 546A) 3 credits

2. Three elective courses (9 credits) 
Biblical Studies

RELI 511 Pentateuch 3 credits
RELI 512 Prophets 3 credits
RELI 513 Wisdom Literature 3 credits
RELI 515 Synoptic Gospels 3 credits
RELI 516 Johannine Literature 3 credits
RELI 517 Paul 3 credits
RELI 518 Apocalyptic Literature 3 credits


RELI 562 Liturgical and Sacramental Spirituality 3 credits
RELI 572 Christian Spiritual Traditions 3 credits
RELI 573 Contemporary Christian Spirituality 3 credits
RELI 581 Ignatian Spirituality 3 credits
RELI 580 Sprituality and Ministry 3 credits
RELI 582 Spirituality and the Adult Life Cycle 3 credits

Systematic Theology

RELI 520 Trends in Contemporary Theology 3 credits
RELI 525 Political Theology 3 credits
RELI 539 Contemporary Ethical Issues 3 credits
RELI 540 Ecclesiology
3 credits
RELI 569 Liturgy and Sacraments 3 credits

3. A research paper (3 credits) is required as the culminating project.

Graduate Integration Seminar

Theological reflection and the ability to articulate what one has learned are essential elements of theological education. They also provide connections between theory and practice. Through a series of discussions, seminars, reflections and prayer, students integrate academic, spiritual, and ministerial development. These evening sessions, in which all graduate students participate, are held three times each semester at The Ministry Institute.

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