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Qingqing Ji

Qingqing JiQingqing Ji came from China originally. In the year of 2004-2007, she studied for bilingual education and elementary education in Wayne State University and was awarded Master of Arts in teaching. She is also state certified in elementary education from Michigan state. She taught Chinese as a foreign language at University Prep of Science and Math in Detroit in 2011 and currently she is teaching Chinese as a foreign language at St. George's School, Spokane. She enjoys reading, watching movies and also camping with her family and friends.

Rongrong (Jian) Golder

Jian GolderI was born in Shanghai China, studied journalism and Conmmunication in Fu Dan University,  worked at Liberation Daily as a reporter  for many years. I came to US 25 year ago and continue my writing. Countless articles have been published in China, Taiwan, Hongkong, Tailan and Europe and many books have been published in China including novels, short stories. Many awards have been received. I have taught Chinese Language in Mei Hua Chinses Schoole in Bellinghan and was a private tutor for many years.

Yen-An Chen (Angela)

Yen-An ChenYen-An Chen (Angela) earned her bachelor of music in Taiwan and graduated from Gonzaga University of MA/TESL in 2012. She has been teaching in elementary school for 7 years before coming to the USA. While she was studying at Gonzaga, she observed and helped with the Chinese 101 and the ESL (English as a Second language) program. Also, she taught at the tutoring center in ESL. In 2009, her friends and she taught a Chinese language camp for ages 5-12 as their master project. She used music and games to teach second language (Chinese) to American children. She is a music and Chinese teacher who loves teaching and working with children.

 Yvonne Quigley

IYvonne Quigley enjoy working with young learners. They amaze me constantly through their unique learning ability and strong curiosity. I teach Chinese Mandarin at Spokane Public School part time during school year to students from K-12. On weekend, I teach at local Chinese School to mostly non-heritage learners. I have been teaching Chinese Mandarin for about four years. This past year, I received my Washington state teacher certification in Mandarin through PLU. This is my second year teaching at Startalk Chinese Summer Camp.

Yang Xu

Yang XuI was born in Yangzhou, China. I attended Jiangxi University of Education, where I received a Bachelor's Degree in Music Education. I was first employed as a professional singer and dancer in the Jiangxi Opera House in Nanchang. Later, I worked in Beijing as editor for the national Chinese journal of macroeconomics. I have also studied traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy, and am a painter who specializes in painting in the style of the Sung Dynasty (916-1279 AD).

I came to the United States in September 2003. Beginning in 2004 I have been teaching. Chinese to children ages 11 to 17 through the Chinese Language School of Spokane. I have also privately tutored adults in Chinese and have been a bilingual teacher in the Spokane Public Schools. More recently, I am teaching Chinese in the North Wall Schools.

I have made special presentations of Chinese dance, art and culture at several Spokane elementary schools and at Spokane Falls Community College. In the past few years, I have exhibited my Chinese ink paintings and have given live demonstrations at seven locations, including at the Spokane Club, Washington State University in Pullman, Spokane Falls Community College, and the Community Building in Spokane. I also play a traditional Chinese zither, the gu zheng.

I live in Spokane and am enthusiastic about teaching Chinese language, art, music and culture.

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