Chinese Program for Grades 6th-12th

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Sessions II June 20th - July 14th: Middle School & High School Students 6th-12th grades

Students with no prior study of Chinese should fill out the "6th-12th" Novice Chinese Language Application." Students with some prior exposure to Chinese should fill out the "6th-12th Continuation Class Application." Please note that based on our evaluation of your level, applicants to the continuation class may still be placed in the novice class. A complete application consists of four items: 1. An application form; 2. A recent transcript or report card; 3. A teacher recommendation; 4. A guidance counselor confirmation of your grade level. Forms for items 1, 3, and 4 can be printed out using the links below. A transcript or report card can be sent to us by your school, or you can scan the document and send to us.

Continuation education or college credit: If they meet the grade-level and academic performance criteria, students can qualify for continuation education or college credit. Please direct questions about this opportunity to the program director. Cost: $50 for continuation education credit; $255 for college credit. Scholarships are available.


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**Startalk is a component program of the National Strategic Language Initiative (NSLI). To learn more about Startalk:

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