Chinese Program for Grades 6th-12th


Sessions II: 6-12 Middle School & High School Students

Students in this session will be divided into 3 classes: 6th - 8th grades; 9th - 12th grade, and a Continuation Class for students who have had previous Chinese. Students will have 16 face-to-face instructional hours per week, and an additional two hours per week through a distance-learning format. In addition to the Chinese language component, the course will also include several hands-on workshops conducted by native Chinese on topics such as dance, watercolor and calligraphy. Students who meet the age and GPA eligibility criteria and who successfully complete the course are able to receive four college (semester) credits in Chinese language. Students who do not meet the eligibility criteria for college credit can apply for high school credit. Cost: $50 for high school credit*;  $227 for college credit. Scholarships available.

*Please note that the ultimate decision to award high school credit lies with your high school; we cannot guarantee you will receive high school credit. Nevertheless, we recommend that students choose this option if they are planning to apply for high school credit because it provides a transcript that students can present to their high school.

6th - 12th Novice Chinese Language Application
6th - 12th Continuation Class Application
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