Seminar Schedule

Seminar Schedule- Spring 2013

February 8-       Blake Wiedenheft, Ph.D. (Dept. Immunology and Infectious Diseases Montana State)
                           "RNA-guided Adaptive Immunity in Bacteria"  

February 15-     ChulHee Kang, Ph.D. (Department of Chemistry Washington State University)
                            "Modulation of Calsequestrin by Posttranslational Modification, Drug Binding and Mutation"

Seminar Schedule- Fall 2012

September 7-    Jakob Magolan, Ph.D. (University of Idaho Chemistry Department)
                            "Organic Synthesis with Clays and Other Insoluble Materials"

September 14-  Jett Barnett, Sammy Blake, and Taylor Brown (Gonzaga Chemistry and Biochem Majors)
                            "Photo-catalytic Hydrolysis with Rare Earth Metal Oxides", "Structural Elucidation of                                            Designer Drugs" and "A Lipidomic Approach to Elucidating Antimicrobial Mechanisms"  

September 21-   Gregg Busch, Connor Cahill, and Christopher Chapman (Gonzaga Chemistry Majors)
                              "Analysis of Bovine Bone Char in the Defluoridation of Water", "The Purification and                                           Characterization o RquA in Rhodospirillum rubrum", and "Elucidating the Complex                                             Regulation of HMG-R" 

September 28-     Zachary Gray, Christopher Hastings, and Marin Hatcher (Gonzaga Chemistry Majors)
                               "Removal of Fluoride Ions in Water Using Cow Bone Char", "Natural Orbitals for Excited                                     Electronic States" and "Synthesis of 18F Labeled Derivatives of Lactic Acid for the                                               Potential Diagnosis fo Alzheimer's Disease"  

October 5-             MacGregor Hodgson, Alexander Hofstetter, and Taylor Johnson (G.U. Chemistry Majors)
                               "Can an Exclusive Mechanism of Retension be Designed into Biomembrane Analytical                                     Affinity Chromatography", "Structural elucidation of 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl coenzyme                                 A from Burkholderia cenocepacia" and "Evaluation of gramicidin interactions with metal                                     ions by chromatography"

October 12-           Ingmar Bolinger, Hannah Maul-Newby, and Thuy-Mi Nguyen (Gonzaga Chem Majors)
                                "Virtual Screening for Potential Inhibitors for the Beta-Carbonic Anhydrase in                                                        Mycobacterium Tuberculosis", "Towards design of new anti-tuburculosis drugs:Targeting                                  eubacterial Beta-Carbonic anhydrase", and "The Biochemical Characterization of                                              Parahaemolyticus Vibrioferrin Synthesis B (PvsB)"

October 19-           Chasina Olis, Krystal Orth, and James Palmer (Gonzaga Chemistry and Biochem Majors)
                                "Low temperature synthesis of transition metal hypodithiophosphates ( P2O64- ) and                                           hypodiphosphates ( P2S64-)" , Host-guest interactions of a membrand bound cavitand                                     investigated by biomembrane analytical affinity chromatography" and "Exploring the                                           Evolution and Physiological Role of Burkholderia cenocepacia HMG-CoA Reductase" 

November 2-          Erik Pihl, Greg Prussia, and Monica Schroll (Gonzaga Chemistry and Biochem Majors)
                                 "Biophysical characterization of Burkholderia cenocepacia HMG-CoA Reductase", "The                                     Structural Elucidation of the NIS Synthetase DesD" and "Identification of an                                                           amidotransferase gene required for rhodoquinone biosynthsis in Rhodospirillum                                                 rubrum

November 9-          Matthew Smith and Kyle Stumetz (Gonzaga Chemistry and Biochemistry Majors)
                                 "The C-D bond as a probe for biologically relevant interactions" and "Assessing the                                             Possibility and Probability of Surface Crossings in High Energy Ring Expansions"

November 16-        Vlad Iluc, Ph.D. (University of Notre Dame)
                                  "New pincer supporting ligands for late transition metal complexes"

November 30-        Dana Walters and Jake Zaragoza (Gonzaga Chemistry and Biochemistry Majors)
                                 "Characterization of Allosteric Inhibitors for Beta-Carbonic Anhydrase" and "Applications                                    of fractional Brownian motion to Ensemble Average Models"    

December 7-            Alysha Storud (Gonzaga Chemistry Major)
                                   "Enhancing Photodynamic Therapy Efficiency by Conjugating Chlorin e6 to                                                           Nanomaterials" 

Seminar Schedule- Spring 2012

February 24-      Eric Walter, Ph.D. (Pacific Northwest National Labs)
                             "The Affinity and Stability of Immobilized Biomolecules: Time-resolved EPR Detection                                         during Mobile Phase Gradients"  

March 2-             Dong Xu, Ph.D. (Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Boise                                      State University)  "Accelerating biomedical discovery with GPUs"

March 30-           Eugene DePrince, Ph.D. (Georgia Institute of Technology)
                             "Enabling high-accuracy quantum chemistry on large molecules: GPUs, natural orbitals,                                    and local correlation approximations"  

April 20-             Mark Tawa (Alkermes, Inc.)
                            "Celecoxib Sodium Salt: Engineering Crystal Forms for Performance"

April 27-             Duncan Patton (Gonzaga University Chemistry and Biochemistry Major)
                            "Intramolecular Hydroamination of Alkenes"  

Seminar Schedule- Fall 2011

September 9-      Joe Driver, Melissa Corson, and Bryce Kanter (Gonzaga Chemistry and Biochem Majors)
                              "Exploring the Metabolic Role of BcHMGR", "The Structural Characterization of Class II                                      HMG-CoA reductase found in  Burkholderia cenocepacia" and "Chromatographic                                              evaluation of ion-membrane affinity with Stöber silica-supported bilayers"  

September 16-    Fernando Rodriguez-Perez and Erick Dickson(G.U. Chemistry and Biochem Majors)
                               "Screening of Rhodoquinone Biosynthesis Gene Targets Using R. rubrum Deletion                                             Mutatnts and Characterization of Gene Products" and "Expression and Characterization                                   of a Putative Methyltransferase involved in the Biosynthesis of Rhodoquinone in                                                 Rhodospirillum rubrum"

Septemeber 23-   Shelby Cate, Ian Joslin, and Duncan Patton (GonzagaChemistry and Biochem Majors)
                                "Metallosubstitution of β-Carbonic Anhydrase", "Comparative studies of a new membrane                                  mimetic stationary phase with established methods for lipophilicity" and "Computing                                          Non-linear Optical Properties of Small Molecules" 

September 30-      Ware Flora (ConAgra Foods)
                                 "Science in the Food Industry-- or how I went from near-field scanning optical microscopy                                   to popcorn"

October 7-               Ariam Teclemariam, Carly Ceneio, and Katherine Schwenne (G.U. Chemistry Majors)
                                 "Characterization of the antimicrobial properties of catestatin and vasoactive intestinal                                       polypeptide",  "Adsorption of Fluoride from Ground Water Using Bone Char" and                                                "Tautomers in Drugs"  

October 21-            Colin Burnett, Josh Mirabdolbaghi, Lizz Wehner, and Emily Engerman
                                 "Self-Healing Polyurethane- Microcapsule Composite for Radiation Shielding in Low                                         Earth Orbit", "Electrospinning the Block Polymer Styrene-Isobutyl-Styrene (SIBS) Into                                         Synthetic Grafts", "Characterization of Designer Drugs" and "Synthesis of 4,6-diamino-2-                                   (sulfamolylamino)prymidine"  

October 28-            Douglas Juers, Ph.D. (Whitman College)
                                 "Stabilizing Osmolytes as Agents of Crystal Growth and Cryoprotection in Protein                                                 Crystallography"

November 4-           Andy Marcus, Ph.D.  (University of Oregon Chemistry and Biochemistry Deptartment)
                                  "Nonlinear Optical Studies of Conformational Transitions in Protein-DNA Complexes"

November 18-         Karl Sebby, Ph.D. and Michael VanEngelen, Ph.D. (Gonzaga University)
                                  "EPR of Spin-Label  Functionalized PAMAM Dendrimers" and "Acute Uranium Toxicity                                        in Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1"

December 2-           Russell Gaul and Richard Maguire (Gonzaga Chemistry and Biochemistry Majors)
                                  "Generation of stereochemically pure HMG-CoA for Exploration of HMGR                                                              Stereospecificity" and "The Use of Cycohexane as a Derivatizing Agent for the                                                    Identification of Mineral Acids found at Clandestine Meth Labs using GC/MS" 

December 9-           Christopher Andrews and Matt Dickinson (GonzagaChemistry and Biochemistry Majors)
                                   "Functional Peptidomimetic 1,2,3-triazoles via Click Chemistry" and "The Removal of                                           Fluoride from Drinking  Water" 

Seminar Schedule- Spring 2011

January 21-    Timothy Rhoads (Beckman Lab)
                          "The role of zinc-deficient superoxide dismutase in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis"  

February 4-      Jacob Haag (Air Force Research Laboratory)
                          "Application and Electrochemical Performance of Mixed Metal Perovskites as                                                        Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Anodes"

February 11-   Thomas Chastek, Ph.D. (Applied Sciences Laboratory, W.S.U)
                          "The unique properties of copolymers and their application in biofluids, coatings, and                                          photoresists"

February 18-    Russell Gaul and Richard Maguire
                           "Mapping of the 'flap' domain in Class II HMGR" and "Characterization of MDMA Salt Forms                               Using ATR-IR"

February 25-    Benjamin King, Ph.D. (Department of Chemistry, University of Nevada, Reno)
                           "New Circulenes: Quadrannulene to Septulene"

March 18-        Kyle Ratuiste and Zach Lonjers
                          "Optimizing Stability and Solubility of BcHMGR" and "Characteristics of a Putative                                                Methyltransferase Gene Involved in the Biosynthesis of Rhodoquinone in Rhodospirillum                                rubrum

March 25-        Amy Levingston and Markus Carlson 
                          "The Synthesis of Proposed Hydroquinone and Orthoquinone Intermidiates in the                                                Biosynthesis of Rhodoquinone from Ubiquinone" and "Synthesis of Imidazole Derivative                                  and Testing of Potential Allosteric Inhibitors of β-Carbonic  Anhydrase"

April 1-             Andrew Krug and Nicholas Levonyak 
                         "Catalytic Metal Ion Exchange in E. coli Metalloenzyme β-Carbonic Anhydrase" and                                          "Synthesis & Spectroscopic Characterization of α and γ1-Melanocyte Stimulating hormones 

April 8-              Caitlin Miller and Brad Roth
                          "Generation of Substituted Pyrimidines as Potential Allosteric Inhibitors of  β-Carbonic Anhydrase" and "An investigation of                                                        Capillary Flow in Collodial Crystals for Applications in High Efficiency Separations" 

April 15-           Javier Gonzalez and Benjamin Schwarz 
                         "Evaluation of the Antimicrobial Mechanisms of α and γ1 Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone" and "Elimination of Proteolytic                                                          Decay in the Purification of Burholderia cenocepacia HMGR" 

April 29-           Emilio Tedeschi, Story Mok, and Daniel Kuhn
                         "Poly(alkyl methacrylate) Pour Point Depressants for Triglyceride Based Biolubricants", "Development of capillary LC-ICP-MS                                                   for the study of lipid membrane-ion interactions" and "Investigation of conformational switching in E. coli Carbonic                                                                       Anhydrase"

Seminar Schedule - Fall 2010

October 8 -         Dr. Anouk Dirksen (Pfizer, Inc. CovX Research)
                              "Chemoselective Ligation Strategies in Bioconjugation and Biomolecular Labeling"

October 15 -      Dr. Nicholas Wurtz (Discovery Chemistry, Bristol-Myers-Squibb)
                             "Serine Protease Inhibitors as Antithrombotics"

October 22 -      Cancelled:  Inauguration of the 26th President of Gonzaga University

October 29 -      Dr. Zachary Ball (Department of Chemistry, Rice University)
                             "Proteins as substrates: Selective catalysis in a complex environment"

November 5 -    Dr. Steven Corcelli (Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, University of Notre Dame)
                             "Dynamical Signature of DNA Damage: A Computational Study of Coumarin 102 in DNA"

November 12 - Cancelled:  Murdock College Science Research Conference

November 19 - Dr. Mark Ji (Department of Chemistry, University of Utah)
                            "Fragment-based de novo design, synthesis and biological evaluation of selective inhibitors for
                             neuronal nitric oxide synthase (nNOS)"

November 26 - Thanksgiving Holiday

December 3 -   TBA

December 10 - TBA

Seminar Schedule- Spring 2010

January 22-       Martin Weiser, Ph.D. (Chemistry Department, Gonzaga University)
                            "Development and Chanaracterization of Propellant for Amateur Rocketry"

January 29-       Jeff Strahan (Chemistry Department, University of Texas)
                            "Organic Materials for Advanced Patterning Technologies"  

February 26-      Jonathan Del Toro (Gonzaga University Chemistry Major)
                             "Synthesis of Tetraphenylchlorins for use in Photodynamic Therapy"  

March 19-           Tarin Richards and Andy Henderson (Gonzaga University Chemistry Majors)
                            "Expression of Thermus thermophilus enzyme comples arsenite oxidase in E. coli" and "West Side Story: A Tale of the                                 rational andmodular synthesis of chlorins for the treatment of prostate cancer via photdynamic therapy"  

March 26-          Matt Delsman and Nate Knapp (Gonzaga University Chemistry Majors)
                            "Structural Characterization of Short Neruopeptides
β-Casomorphin and Endomorphin 2 under pseudo-celllular                                          conditions using NMR spectroscopy" and "The Investigation of the Hydrogenation of 3,3-Difluoro-1,2-dibenzylgylcerol"

April 9-                Holly Dembinski and Chelsea Bailey (Gonzaga University Chemistry Majors)
                            "Cloning and Expression of Putative Class II HMGR from Burkholderia cenocepacia" and "Modification of the Han                                        Dynasty Ceramic Green Glaze Using Single Replacement Methods" 

April 16-              Brian Brajcich, Megan Maier, and Philip Szelagowski (G.U. Chemistry Majors)
                             "Synthesis of an 15N-labeled Farnesylated Analogue of Rhodoquineone for Investigation of the Nitrogen Source in                                     Biosynthesis",  "Chemical Sensing with Colloidal Crystal Supported Lipid Bilayers" and " Rational and modular                                           synthesis of diphenylchlorins for the treatment of prostate cancer via photodynamic therapy" 

April 23-              Ryan Cloke, Ashlee Commeree and Michelle Sachet (G.U. Chemistry Majors)
                             " Heavy-Hydrogen Drugs and the Synthesis of Butenafine (Lotrimin Ultra), "Exploring the Conformational Changes in                                 3-Hydroxy-3-Methylglutaryl Coenzyme A Reductase of Pseudomonas mevalonii" and "Synthesis and modification of                                2.4.6-trianimopyrimidine as an allosteric inhibitor of
β-carbonic anhydrase from E. coli" 

April 30-              Jake Brown, Liz Goossen, Zach Kubin (Gonzaga University Chemistry Majors)
                            " Modification of 3-D Inverse Crystal Lipid Bilayers with Polydiacetylene for Novel Biosensor Development", "Synthesis                               of 1,2-Benzyl-osy-3,3-difluoro-3-deoxyglycerol" and "Aluminun Alloys and thier use in Generating Hydrogen on                                           Demand as an Energy Carrier" 


Seminar Schedule - Fall 2009

September 11 -   Pieter Dorrestein, University of California San Diego
                               "Translating Bacterial Chemical Communication with Imaging Mass Spectrometry"

September 18 -  Jeffrey Greenwood, Oregon State University
 "Chemical Signals Driving Brain Cancer Progression"

September 25 -  Bryan O'Neill, Sapphire Energy, Inc.
                               "Renewable Energy from a Biotechnology Perspective"

October 2 -          Marina Guenza, University of Oregon
                              "Analytical Theories to Bridge Time Scales in the Dynamics of Macromolecular Systems"

October 9 -          Norm Dovichi, University of Washington
                              "Ultrasensitive Proteomics"

October 16 -        No Seminar - Founder's Day Weekend

October 23 -        Phil Garner, Washington State University
                              "Natural Products, Organic Synthesis and Drug Development"

October 30 -        No Seminar - Murdock Conference

November 6 -      Nicholas Burgis, Eastern Washington University
                               "Biochemistry of ITPase:  A Regulator of Nucleotide Pools"

November 13 -    Matthew Sigman, University of Utah
                               "Palladium-Catalyzed Oxidation Reactions for Organic Synthesis"

November 20 -    Lisa Garza, Gonzaga University, Thesis Seminar
                               "β-Carbonic Anhydrase as a Target for Drug Development Against Mycobacterium Tuberculosis"

                               Nick Vaudreuil, Gonzaga University, Thesis Seminar
                               "Enhanced Activity of Cytochrome C Oxidase in Low Level Light Therapy"

November 27 -     No Seminar - Thanksgiving Weekend

December 4 -      To Be Announced

December 11 -    To Be Announced

Seminar Schedule - Spring 2009

January 16  -     Adam Moser, Candidate for HHMI Chemistry Position

January 23  -    Tim Machonkin, Whitman College
                            "Biodegradation of Chlorinate Arenes:  How Does Nature Do It, and Can We Join the Game?"

January 30  -     Tim Humphry, Gonzaga University, Chemistry Department
                             "The Story so far:  a new easily made, versatile, potentially interesting ligand system for
                              making metal  complexes."

February 6   -     Eric Watson, University of Toronto
                             "The Versatile Chemistry of Manganese and Osmium:  Industrial and Environmental Applications"

February 13  -     President's Weekend

February 20  -     Vince Remcho, Oregon State University
                               "Novel Materials and Methods for Fabrication of Microfluidic Analytical Tools and Microreactors"

February 27  -     Cliff Berkman, Washington State University
                              "Targeting Prostate Cancer with Chemoaffinity"

March 6         -     Spring Break

March 13       -     Spring Break

March 20       -     Senior Exam

March 27       -     Senior Exam

April 3            -     Daniel Yee, Gonzaga University , Thesis Seminar
                              "Reaction Exploration for the Synthesis of (4R,5R)-4,5-bis[(4R)-2-(4-methoxyphenyl)-1,

Trevor James, Gonzaga University, Thesis Seminar
                                "Fluorescence Studies of the Properties of Lipid Bilayers Supported on Colloidal Crystals"

Stenve Bugni, Gonzaga University, Thesis Seminar
                                 "The Investigation of Ligpid Modified Colloidal Crystals for the Determination of
                                  Membrane Partition Behavior"

April 10          -     Good Friday

April 17          -     Jeff Holden, Gonzaga University, Thesis Seminar
                              "Evaluation of the Noncatalytic Bicarbonate Binding Site in Eubacterial Carbonic Anhydrase as
                               a Target for New Drugs."

Rob Ohlstrom, Gonzaga University, Thesis Seminar
                                "Using Pantetheine Analogs to Determine the Role of Coenzyme-A in HMGR-Catalyzed 
                                 Mevalonate Oxidation

April 24          -    Byron Reicher, Gonzaga University, Thesis Seminar
                             "Synthesis and Reactivity of bis[(3-methyloxetan-3-yl)methyl] (E)-hex-3-enedioate"

                             Leah Schwiesow, Gonzaga Univeresity, Thesis Seminar
                             "Development of Protein Probes to Measure Ca2+ in the Chloroplast Stroma and Thylakoid Lumen"

                             Thanh Do, Gonzaga University, Thesis Seminar
                             "The SHArK Project: Design a Procedure for Screening Multiple Component Metal Oxides. 
                              A Combinatorial Approach to Discover a New Catalyst for Water Photoelectrolysis

May 1             -     Rob Ohlstrom, Gonzaga University, Thesis Seminar
                             "Using pantetheine analogs to determine the role of coenzyme-A in HMGR-catalyzed mevalonate

                            Mick Warehime, Gonzaga University, Thesis Seminar
                            "Phosphorus Acid Doped Polybenzimidazole For Use in Proton Exchange Membranes Hydrogen
                            Fuel Cells at  Intermediate Temperatures
                            Tony Phillips, Gonzaga University, Thesis Seminar
                            "Substrate Stereospecificity in Class II HMG-CoA Reductase"

Seminar Schedule - Fall 2008

September 12   -     Jeff Holden, Gonzaga University, Thesis Seminar
                                   "Evaluation of the noncatalytic bicarbonate binding site in eubacterial carbonic anhydrase as
                                    a target for new drugs"
                                     Daniel Yee, Gonzaga University, Thesis Seminar
                                   "Synthesis of 3-fluoro-2-(methoxy-benzyloxy)-propyl acetate"

September 19    -      Rob Ohlstrom, Gonzaga University, Thesis Seminar
                                     "Using Pantetheine Analogs to Determine the Role of Coenzyme-A in HMGR-catalyzed
                                     Mevalonate Oxidation"

                                     Trevor James, Gonzaga University, Thesis Seminar
                                     "Fluorescent Studies on the Properties of Lipid Bilavers Supported on Artificial Opals"
September 26    -      No seminar, Labor Day Observed

October 3           -      Steve Bugni, Gonzaga University, Thesis Seminar
                                     "The Investigation of Lipid Modified Colloidal Crystals for Chromatographic Determination
                                       of Membrane Partition Behavior

                                    Thanh Do, Gonzaga University, Thesis Seminar
                                     "Combinatorial Discovery and Optimization of Multi-component Metal Oxide or Water

October 10         -      Leah Schwiesow, Gonzaga University, Thesis Seminar
                                     "Development of Protein Probes to Measure Ca2+ in the Chloroplast Stroma and Thylakoid

                                    Byron Reichert, Gonzaga University, Thesis Seminar
                                     "The Synthesis of 3,3-difluoro Propanic Acid"

October 17         -      No Seminar - Founder's Day

October 24         -      Cancelled - Dr. Vince Remcho, Oregon State University, Department of Chemistry
                                   "Novel Materials and Methods for Fabrication of Microfluidic Analytical Tools and

October 31         -     Tony Phillips, Gonzaga University, Thesis Seminar
                                    "Substrate Stereospecificity in Class II HMG -CoA Reductase"

                                   Diego Rocha, Gonzaga University, Thesis Seminar
                                   "Application of Nanoclusters of Cds/Ti02 in Photocatalysis"

November 7       -      No seminar, Murdock Conference

November 14     -     Dr. Martin Lawrence, Montana State University, Department of Chemistry
                                         and Biochemistry and Thermo Biology Institute
                                     "Steap Proteins in Iron Transport and Homeostasis"

November 21     -      Dr. Travis Denton, Eastern Washington University, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
                                     "Polyhydroxypolyamides:  What Are They and What Are They Good For?"
November 28     -     No seminar, Thanksgiving Break                               

December 5       -      Dr. Iwata-Reuyle, Portland State University, Department of Chemistry
                                    "From Cyclohydrolase to Oxidoreductase:  Discovery and Investigation of a Novel Enzyme 
                                     Activity in the Biosynthesis of a Bacterial Modified Nucleoside

December 12      -    Dr. Michael Haley, University of Oregon Department of Chemistry
                                   "It Takes Alkynes to Make a World:  New Methods for the Formation of Annulenes, Cinnolines
                                    and Isoindazoles

Seminar Schedule - Spring 2008

January 18      -      Meet with students

January 25      -      James Brozik, Washington State University
                                "Identifying Biochemical States of Membrane Proteins Using Single
                                 Molecule Fluorescence Techniques

February 2       -     Chris Loran, Thermo Equipment
                                "Careers in Chemistry:  A Glimps into the Scientific Instruments Industry."

February 8       -      Anne Johansen, Central Washington University
                                 "Iron in the Atmosphere; Implications on Global Climate and Human Health."

February 15     -      President's Holiday - No Seminar

February 29     -      Dave Atkinson, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
                                 "Explosives Detection Research at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory:
                                  the Chemistry Approach

March 7            -      Spring Break - No Seminar

March 14          -      Spring Break - No Seminar

March 21          -     Good Friday - No Seminar

March 28          -      Bobby Cushman, Chart Industires, Boulder, CO
                                 "The Global Industrial Gas Industry"

April 4               -      Major Field Exams - No Seminar

April 11            -       Chris Orendorff, Sandia National Laboratory
                                  "Metal Nanorods:  Optical Properites, Assembly and Applications."

April 25            -        Kylie Vadnais, Gonzaga University, Thesis Seminar
                                   "Lactate Dehydrogenase Activity of Potential Position Emission Tomogra[hy Diagnostic

                                   Mallory Novack, Gonzaga University, Thesis Seminar
                                   "Lactic Acid Salts as Carbohydrate Replacement in Sports Beverages."

May 2              -          Jake Quinton, Gonzaga University, Thesis Seminar
                                   “Corn-Fed: Examining the Connections Between High Fructose Corn Syrup and trends in
                                   U.S. Obesity

Seminar Schedule - Fall 2007

August 31       -

 No Seminar, Meet with students

September 07 -

Greg Schill -Gonzaga University - Thesis Seminar
"The Role of Coenzyme A in Class II 3-Hydroxy-3-Methylglutaryl Coenzyme A Redvctase Mechanism"

Pui Wing Mok - Gonzaga University - Thesis Seminar
"The Study of the Flap Domain of Class II HMG-CoA Reductase"

September 14 -

Mallory Novack - Gonzaga University - Thesis Seminar
"Lactic Acid Salts as Carbohydrate Replacement in Sports Beverages"

Kylie Vadnais - Gonzaga University - Thesis Seminar
"Lactate Dehydrogenase Activity of Potential Positiron Emission Tomography Diagnostic Agents"

September 21 -

 No Seminar - Labor Day Observed

September 28 -

Patrick Hrlicka - University of Idaho
"Chemical Engineering of Nucleic Acids - Development of Probes for Diagnostics and Therapeutics"

October 05      -

Claudia Maier - Oregon State University
"Mass Spectrometry in the Life Sciences"

October 12      -

No Seminar - Founders Day weekend

October 19      -

Christopher Downey - University Colorado, Boulder
"Folding of an Isolated RNA Tertiary Motif Probed by Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer."

October 26      -

Christy Watson and Amanda Vernon - HollisterStier Laboratories
"Chemistry in the Pharmaceutical Industry"

November 02  -

No Seminar - Murdock Conference

November 09  -

Vickie DeRose - University of Oregon
"Fine-Tuning by Metalloprotein Active Sites: How Nature Gets the Best Out of Transition Metals"

November 16  -

Matthew Clifton - Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle WA
"Structural and Biophysical Studies of the Antimicrobial Protein Siderocalin"

November 23  -

No Seminar - Thanksgiving Day Holiday

November 30  -

Mike DeGrandpre - University of Montana
"Using General Chemistry Principles to Develope Sensors for Aquatic Chemistry Applications."

December 07  -

Dione Fernandez - Gonzaga Chemistry Major
"Chemical Composition and Toxicity of Kova"

Seminar Schedule - Spring 2007

January 19    -

Meet with students

January 26    -

Dr. Dominic McGrath, University of Arizona
"Fighting Terrorism and Disease with Organic Chemistry"

February 2    -

Dr. Sue Clark, Washington State University
"Actinides in the Environment & Nuclear Forensics:  What happened, Who done it and How do we clean it up?"

February 9    -

Dr. Michael Skinner, Washington State University
“Epigenetic Transgenerational Actions of Environmental Compounds on Reproduction and Disease: The Ghosts in your Genes“

February 16   -

No seminar President's Day

February 23   -

No seminar

March 2          -

Dr. Eric Braun, University of Idaho
"Time resolved infrared spectroscopy of fast events in RNA folding"

March 9          -

No seminar - Spring break

March 16        -

No seminar - Spring break

March 23        -

Colin Corrent, Former Gonzaga Student
"In Silico Protein Evolution:  Creating and Characterizing New and Improved Protein Structures"      

March 30        -

Major Field Exams

April 6            -

No seminar Good Friday

April 13          -

Geoffrey Glass, Olympic Region Clean Air Industry
"Imperium Renewables' Biodiesel Production Facility:  A Case Study in Permitting under the Clean Air Act"

April 20          -

Lindsey Johnstone, Gonzaga University, Thesis Seminar
"Investigation of Branch Points of the Biosynthetic Pathway of Rhodoquinone in Rhodospirillium rubrum via HPLC Analysis"

Tim Rhoads, Gonzaga University, Thesis Seminar
"PET Imaging and Fluorolactate Analogs."

April 27          -

Rory Morgan, Gonzaga University, Thesis Seminar
"Development of Farnesylated Fluoroquinones for the Inhibition of Rhodoquinone Biosynthesis in Rhodospirillum rubrum" 

 Danny McComas, Gonzaga University, Thesis Seminar
"The Synthesis of Sulfonated Polymers for next Generation Biodegradable Drug Delivery Systems"

May 4              -

Mark Florian, Gonzaga University, Thesis Seminar
"Structural Characterization of Polyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxanes (POSS): A United-Atom Approach"

Adam Wargacki, Gonzaga University, Thesis Seminar
"beta-Carbonic Anhydrase:  Characterizing Allosteric Regulation through Site Directed Mutagenesis, Steps toward Purification and Crystallization"

Seminar Schedule - Fall 2006

September 8   -

Eric Ross, Gonzaga University
"Stabilized Lipid Films via Polymerization and Crystal Encapsulation"

September 15 -

No Seminar - Labor Day Observed 

September 22 -

Alan Walter, Pacific Northwest National Laboratories
"Modern Benefits of Harnessed Radiation"          

September 29 -

Jamie Manson, Eastern Washington University
"Bifluoride ion as a Bridging Ligand and Superexchange Mediator in Molecule-based Magnets."

October 6       -

Gregg Lumetta, Pacific Northwest National Laboratories
"Practical Applications of Coordination Chemistry: Separations for the Nuclear Fuel Cycle"

October 13     -

No Seminar, Founder's Day Weekend

October 20     -

No Seminar, Murdock Meeting

October 27     -

Matthew Pollard, Washington State University
"Advanced Methods for Explosives and Weapons Detection in Transportation Safety"

November 3   -

Tim Rhoads, Gonzaga Chemistry Student
"PET Imaging and Fluorolactate Analogs"            

November 10 -

Lindsey Johnstone, Gonzaga Chemistry Student
"Investigation of Branch Points of the Biosynthetic Pathway of Rhodoquinone in Rhodospirillium rubrum via HPLC Analysis"

Danny McComas, Gonzaga Chemistry Student
"The Synthesis of Sulfonated Diphenol Polymers for Next Generation Biodegradable Drug Delivery Systems"

November 17 -

Rory Morgan, Gonzaga Chemistry Student
"Development of Faresylatd Fluoroquinones for the Inhibition of Rhodoquinone Biosynthesis in Rhodospirillum rubrum and Other Applications"

Adam Wargacki, Gonzaga Chemistry Student
"Exploration of the Structural Mechanics of Allosteric Bicarbonate Binding in Eubacterial beta-Carbonic Anhydrase via Site Directed Mutagenesis"

November 24 -

Thanksgiving Holiday

December 1   -

Katie Corrigan, Gonzaga Chemistry Student
"Exploring the Structure and Signal Transduction Pathway of Ras Proteins and the Inhibitions for their Oncogenic  Mutations"

Mark Florian, Gonzaga Chemistry Student
"Structural Characterization of Polyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxanes (POSS): a Coarse-grained Approach."

December 8   -

Virginia Andreotti, Gonzaga Chemistry Student
“Predicted Performance of Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells using Mathematical Modeling”

Brian Wiest, Gonzaga Chemistry Student
"A Study of Nonthermal Microwave Effects in Organic Synthesis."