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Gonzaga senior, Kellie Tran, owner of Uoni Bubble Tea & Coffee.
Gonzaga senior Kellie Tran

May 07, 2024
Gonzaga University Communications | Spirit Newsletter
Throughout the school year, the MarCom team has been sharing stories of outstanding students from across campus in its “Senior Spotlight” series. Some were chosen for their academic prowess, others for their remarkable personal journeys. Some came to our attention for their dedication to serving their fellow Zags, or because of their sheer passion for being active in campus life. As members of the “Covid class” that entered GU under pandemic protocols, their resilience in making the most of their time on campus is inspiring to all of us.

As we prepare to bid adieu to these memorable seniors and their fellow graduates at their May 12 Commencement, we wanted to share some highlights from our Senior Spotlights. There are more stories to come, and you can find all our Spotlight profiles — and those from past years — in the gonzaga.edu/seniorstories on gonzaga.edu. 

Meet a few of our featured students:

Sam Morehouse:

Sam Morehouse (English, with minors in theater and film studies) is a writer, director and performer who’s been involved with several theater productions, performed in the GUTS improv troupe and filled several roles in sketch-comedy crew the Boone Street Hooligans. Oh, and he’s putting the finishing touches on the second feature-length film he’s made during his four years at GU.

Kellie Tran:

Kellie Tran (philosophy and economics) has a voracious academic curiosity, and explored several potential majors before landing on philosophy and economics. Entrepreneurship wasn’t one of them, but she’s living it every day. Tran opened a boba tea shop, Uoni Bubble Tea & Coffee, in the Logan neighborhood when she found herself longing for the fun flavors of the trendy treat. From designing the menu to creating blueprints for city approval, Tran did it all, and did it between her classes.

Grant Hagen: 

Grant Hagen (psychology and entrepreneurship) found himself suffering from debilitating anxiety during his first year, often feeling alone and isolated. Through therapy, he discovered strength in a simple mantra: Keep Going. And he did just that, sharing his mental health journey first with friends and family, then with the wider GU community and his California hometown through the Keep Going Campaign. He’s now the vice president of Active Minds, a national organization promoting mental health awareness on college campuses.

Read these and several more inspiring stories of graduating seniors at gonzaga.edu/seniorstories.

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