Zack Berlat and Zack Bagdon pose in Hemmingson

A Pair of Zacks Beats a Full House

The two Zacks are making pictures and video productions to capture the life and times at Gonzaga, and it would be hard to imagine two more productive souls.

Andrew Brajcich poses with his signature bowtie

Brajcich Named New Jud Regis Chair of Accounting

Andrew Brajcich is the first Jud Regis Chair of Accounting in the School of Business Administration.

Students from a previous language camp build a tower with spaghetti and marshmallows

Welcoming Underrepresented Youngsters to GU

The School of Education’s Summer Language Camp has been a staple for Spokane’s population of new refugees since 1998.

College Hall

Nine Named Faculty Emeritus

Over the course of their careers, these faculty gave generous and distinguished service to Gonzaga.

Connect with Spirit

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