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This Pandemic Ain’t Our First Rodeo

A hundred and two years ago, the Spanish Flu came to campus, and thanks to the dutiful journaling of Jesuits at the time, we know quite a bit about what that was like for Gonzaga.

Behind the Ballot Box

GU is home to many voters from all across the USA. That’s why one woman is making sure every voice is heard, ensuring that every vote is delivered on time and counted.

BLM: A Dream With Others Can Become Reality At GU

Not since 1963’s March on Washington has the USA heard a louder outcry for racial equity and justice. Check out how GU is responding/continues to respond to countering hate and all forms of bias.

Operating in Crisis Fits Her Fine

Taylor Jordan likes the challenge of leaning into this COVID crisis, and with her contact tracers, providing valuable services to Gonzaga’s students.

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