Sarah Watson to speak at SSIP


May 20, 2024
School of Engineering & Applied Science

Captain Sarah Watson is currently the Operations Flight Commander for the 92d Communications Squadron at Fairchild Air Force Base in Spokane, Washington. She leads 70 Airmen and directs 24/7 IT services, satellite communications, and secure cyberspace capabilities enabling world-wide aerial refueling and nuclear contingency missions. Her team manages a $98M network infrastructure and provides cyber capabilities to over 6,800 Total Force personnel.

Watson commissioned through the United States Air Force Academy in 2018, where she met her husband of 5 years. She has had a passion for Biology since high school where she participated in the BioScience Academy. Watson achieved an undergraduate degree in the science but pivoted to her current career field based on a newfound love for leadership. Using her background, she promptly graduated Cyber Training and attained a CompTIA Security+ certification. Since then, she’s been ranked as the #1 Flight Commander at Fairchild in 2023, held a variety of leadership positions, and become a mom of two small toddlers.

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