Housing for First-Year Zags

Photo of DeSmet Hall at Gonzaga University. This residence hall has red brick with white stone trimming and above the main entry doors is the name of the hall. In the foreground are overhanding trees and a green lawn.

March 19, 2024
Becky Doyle, Admission Counselor

For incoming first-year students, one of the most exciting things to prepare for is choosing both where and who you want to live with during your first year! Gonzaga University’s Housing & Residence Life helps students find potential roommates and the right housing option for them through the ZagLiving Housing Application. At Gonzaga University, students are not required to submit their tuition or housing deposits before submitting their housing application. Here are some instructions below on accessing and filling out your housing application.

1. Navigate to Your ZagLiving Portal and Housing Application

To start the housing process, navigate to your Zagliving page at gonzaga.edu/ZagLiving. Upon arriving at the ZagLiving page, click on the login button and enter your Gonzaga username and password. Once you have logged into ZagLiving, click on the application tab toward the top of the page. Then, click on the ‘Apply’ button next to the academic year on-campus area. This will navigate you to the first-year housing application for incoming students.

2. Personal Details & Emergency Contact Information

First, you will fill out your personal details and emergency contact information section to start your housing application. Here you will need to answer a few questions as well as fill out your emergency and missing person contact information. Please ensure you hit save and continue once you have finished answering all the questions.

3. Campus Connections

The next page in the application is the ‘Campus Connections’ page. Here you will find valuable information about Gonzaga’s Disability Accommodations and LGBTQ+ and Gender-Inclusive Housing. Please read each section and you will find more information relating to each of these topics.

In the Disability Accommodations section, you must read and acknowledge that you have read this section by checking a box. Under the LGBTQ+ and Gender-Inclusive Housing section, if you are interested in applying to either LGBTQ+ or Gender-Inclusive Housing, you will check the box at the end of the section. After finishing this page, if you checked the previous box, you will have an additional page where you will need to fill out a few more questions. In the next section under ‘Recovery,’ you can also mark if you are either in recovery or are interested in information regarding living a sober lifestyle.

Please note that any information in this section is confidential and will not impact the building or space you will live in. Once you have completed this page, click save and continue.

4. Compatibility Survey

On the next page, you will fill out the ‘Compatibility Survey.’ This page is designed to find you the most compatible roommate possible! Questions will range from how often you plan to participate in student activities to what time of day do you usually study. The more thorough and accurate you answer these questions, the more likely you are to find a compatible roommate. On the next page, you will select your meal plan as first-year students are required to choose a meal plan. After choosing your meal plan, you will hit save and continue.

5. Honors Living Learning Community

On the next page, you will be asked if you were accepted to the Honors Program. If you have been accepted, you can join the Honors Living Learning Community for housing or opt out.

6. Terms & Conditions Acknowledgement

Following this page is our Terms and Conditions. Please read this page thoroughly and after you finish reading, type your name in the box below. This will be your signature to sign your housing contract. Once you have signed the contract and hit ‘Save,’ you are done filling out your application.

7. Check Your Zagmail!

If you have completed your application by June 1st, keep an eye on your Zagmail! You will have an opportunity to select the room and building you will live in. Students who complete their application after June 1st will be assigned a space based on vacancies. If you have nay questions along the way, please contact Housing & Residence Life at housing@gonzaga.edu or call (509) 313-4103.

Additionally, if a student is interested in other Living Learning Communities aside from our Honors LLC, they will fill out an additional application in the ZagLiving portal. This application is also due by June 1st!

Below is a video which walks through the housing application process steps in more detail! 

On Tuesday, March 19th, Gonzaga University will be hosting a Housing Webinar for admitted students. The recording for this webinar will be posted on our Accepted Student Visits & Virtual Events webpage following the event. Additionally, students can start exploring various housing options on our Housing & Residence Life website, as well as using our Virtual Residence Hall Tour.

Gonzaga University also has its own community on ZeeMee! In Gonzaga’s ZeeMee Community, there is a dedicated chat called ‘Find Your Roomie.’ This chat allows prospective students to chat and see if they might be interested in rooming together. On Wednesday, April 3rd, we will be hosting a live event called ‘Find Your Roommate’ in our GU Live Chat on ZeeMee. This event will be a time when students can get together on ZeeMee and answer questions to meet and connect with students who have similar interests.

For more information about housing for accepted students and to explore housing options, please visit the links below.: