I Love My Zag Who...

Two female students hugging each other. Both are wearing light red tee shirts are are smiling. The girl on the left has wavy black hair and the girl on the right has short light-brown hair. In the background is a brick building and other people.

February 09, 2024
Office of Undergraduate Admission

With Valentine’s Day coming up, Zags are feeling the love. Our community has so many amazing students doing great things and there are a few who some current Zags would love to shout out!

Analisa Placenti ‘26

I want to shout out my roommate and friend Eliana Lefkowitz! She puts her all into her nursing classes and her role as a dancer on Bomb Squad. Despite her busyness, she's a ray of sunshine to everyone she talks to. Her hard work and kindness show in everything she does, and I'm so happy I met her here at GU!

Annabel Salinger ‘27

I really look up to my friend Greta Crumbley as an amazing role model. She is a pre-med student studying Human Physiology and a long-distance runner. When she isn't studying or running, she is volunteering with local organizations or working at the hospital. I am so excited to see everything that she accomplishes during her time here at GU!

Josh David ‘25

I’d like to shout out my friend Anjali Sinha. Anjali is a dedicated student pursuing her degree in Elementary Education. She is extremely passionate and caring when it comes to the elementary school students she gets to work with and is exactly who you'd hope to see teaching future generations. I have no doubt she will do great things.

Maria Braatz ‘24

Gabby Riva is an amazing Zag that deserves to be recognized. She is a fellow Human Physiology major that works hard to be a good student and friend. She works some days in the week at a PT clinic and is constantly finding ways to make others feel seen. Her kind nature and love for baking are all reasons why she deserves recognition!

Rafa Polanco ‘24

Ian Ross is a Zag I would like to shout out. He is a nursing major in my cohort and his ability to handle adversity is something I really admire. His junior year he sustained multiple fractures in his neck and back, and he had to take the semester off. It was advised for him to switch to a different major, but he did physical therapy relentlessly and is now in his last semester about to graduate. He is also the most passionate Zag basketball fan I've ever met.


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