I Love Being a Zag Because...

Gonzaga University standing in the Kennel's student section for a basketball game. Students are smiling at the camera and dressed in red, white, and blue clothing.

March 27, 2024
Current Zags

From challenging academics to our vibrant community to our amazing school spirit, current Zags have many reasons why they love Gonzaga University! With so many things to enjoy about our school, here are some of our students’ main reasons why they love being a Zag.

Protas Lembetia ‘24

So much of what it means to be a Zag is grounded in our community—it’s cliche but it’s undeniably true. I love being a Zag because our diverse community has so many people with unique stories and backgrounds, but despite our differences, we all share a collective desire to live right and do the right thing. Every student cares about serving others and making a tangible impact in the world. Honestly, it’s inspiring when you witness it either in a classroom environment or through our various student affairs programs. When I think back to why I chose to join this community, I recall I was drawn to its reputation for being welcoming, inclusive, and caring. Now, four years later, I can confirm that these qualities I mentioned checked out! I am proud to be a Zag!

Maria Braatz ‘24

I love being a Zag because of the community found at Gonzaga. All the students and teachers here care for each other and the greater Spokane community. There is a lot of support given to Gonzaga from Spokane. At GU, I found a home away from home and feel the spirit of the Zags throughout my 4 years and beyond!

Analisa Placenti ‘26

I love being a Zag because of how I feel welcomed to both have fun and excel in academics. At GU, I feel encouraged to do well in my classes and to be curious beyond class content. At the same time, there are so many different ways to have fun: SpikeNites, sports games, intramurals, etc. I love that there is so much opportunity for both of these things at Gonzaga!

Annabel Sallinger ‘27

I love being a Zag because I always feel supported in my goals. Gonzaga has provided such a great community, and I know that there is support available if I ever need it. I also love that there is such a strong sense of school spirit. Everyone here is so excited about being a Zag, which is a lot of fun!


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