Best Study Spots on Campus

Girl in beige sweater sitting at a long wooden table in the Gonzaga Hemmingson Center. The student is sitting with her silver laptop open and a black backpack to the left of her feet. She is smiling as she works and has brunette hair.

February 16, 2024
Office of Undergraduate Admission

As midterms approach, our Zags are hard at work across campus. Here are some of their favorite study spots!

Analisa Placenti ‘26 - The Bollier Center for Integrated Science and Engineering

One of my favorite spots to study is in The Bollier Center for Integrated Science and Engineering. I have found that using whiteboards is a super effective study method for me, and Bollier has so many all over the walls. It also has study rooms which are helpful when I like to study out loud or with other students. It has so many windows too, so I can take advantage of the views and sunlight while I study!

Overhead shot of the Bollier Center for Integrated Science and Engineering. The building is a large brick building with large glass windows across the two stories. In the background is the sky bridge and glass rotunda connecting the Bollier Center to the Herak Building. 


Annabel Salinger ‘27 - Hemm Den

One of my favorite study spots is on the basement level of the Hemmingson Center – the Hemm Den. There are lots of comfy spots to sit, and it is a great place to meet up with friends if you are studying together. Some nights, there is live music, which can be really fun.

A student takes notes at her computer in the Hemm Den.


Josh David ‘25 - Hughes Hall

Hughes Hall is one of my favorite study spots as a Biology major. It's the central hub for most natural science students. There are whiteboards to think out difficult problems and my professors are usually around in their offices for when I need help. It might not be as cozy as other spots on campus, but in Hughes I have access to almost all the resources I need as a Biology student.

A student reads and takes notes on her computer.


Maria Braatz ‘24 - UW-GU Health Partnership Building

My favorite spot to study on campus is the UW-GU Health Partnership Building. As a Human Physiology student, I am in this building a lot because of my major classes. There are plenty of open study rooms along with places for group study. I love telling my friends about this secret spot.

The first floor of the UW-GU Health Partnership Building with its lounge space and green wall with foliage. 


Rafa Polanco ‘24 - Foley Library

My favorite spot to study on campus, while it may be a boring answer, is the library. At Gonzaga, the volume level is different for every floor of the library. If you want to study with a group, the first floor is usually noisier, and talking is acceptable. The second floor is far quieter and used for individual studying. I’ve always enjoyed how you can easily change your study environment by simply going up a flight of stairs. It creates an environment that accommodates the different ways that every student studies best.

The first floor of Foley Library is shown, with study cubicles and chairs. 

To find your favorite study spot on Gonzaga’s campus, explore our virtual tour!