Advice for Incoming Zags

A student helps answer questions during the Gonzaga Experience Live event.

August 18, 2023
Levi Garcia-Morales

Hello Zags!

We are so excited to welcome another group of incoming first-year students to campus! Freshman year is a time full of fun moments ranging from decorating your dorm, attending games in the Kennel, taking a stroll down Bulldog Alley, or even just grabbing a cup of coffee or tea with your friends during the week. However, we also recognize that it can feel sometimes a bit overwhelming with various items and checklists that need to be completed. Checklist items such as finding your schedule, moving into your dorm, or figuring out how to get across campus can feel challenging.

Our Office of Admission has compiled a list of tips and tricks to make the first year a little bit smoother. Here are some of the best pieces of advice that every freshman should know!

  1. Write down a list of needs and wants you feel are best suited for you to be successful in and out of the classroom. Always ask questions to your professors!
  2. Your professors are there to help you, and they want to make sure you get the best education possible.
  3. Develop good reading and study habits early on. Try to prepare yourself for long study sessions during midterms and finals week. The skills you establish will come in handy during those busier times.
  4. Advocate for yourself. You have the power to make a difference in your college experience. If you need help, ask around to find the resources you need.
  5. Meet new friends and connect with others in your residence hall, classes, events, etc.! The friends you make here at Gonzaga are friends you will have for a lifetime.
  6. Get involved with different clubs, organizations, and groups that are out there. Try to find a good balance where you are not burnt out doing too many things at once, yet still having fun. A good recommendation for involvement is anywhere between one to three clubs. You could maybe even encourage yourself to join a club, group or organization you’ve never heard about before!
  7. Explore new things and hobbies you’ve wanted to do! It’s a great way to build independence, step outside of your comfort zone, and learn about yourself and the world around you.
  8. Give yourself the grace and time to adjust to college and a new environment. Freshman year can feel a little overwhelming at times, so take a deep breath and reach out to support systems here on campus if you need them.
  9. Have confidence in yourself! Be proud of all the accomplishments you’ve achieved to this point and know that you can be successful here at Gonzaga. Overall, you are going to be great!
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