Engineering Management students share excitement for ASEM

Claire and Sam graduate in May 2023.

February 14, 2023
Claire Martin and Samantha Ward, Engineering Management majors

Engineering Management has made us more equipped to enter the workforce as cross-disciplinary generalists. This multidisciplinary program, which no other major offers, has built our technical skills and business skills.

We have both had summer internships at different companies (Whiting-Turner and Northrop Grumman) and have seen first-hand how our major has better prepared us for career success compared to our fellow interns.

Gonzaga’s Engineering Management program makes us highly desirable as there is a growing demand for these skillsets. Getting involved with our major outside of the classroom and through clubs has helped us grow our network and integrate managerial skills into real-world applications.

ASEM, American Society for Engineering Management, is the professional engineering management association and we have a chapter at Gonzaga. We had the amazing opportunity to have held board positions for two years and then had the chance to lead the club, becoming co-presidents our senior year (2022-2023).

The Gonzaga chapter’s main goal is to get students exposed and prepared to succeed in the engineering industry through professional development and career-building events such as resume workshops, internship events, and speakers from our industry.

We are looking forward to participating in the Engineering Jeopardy event held by ASEM in the Spring semester. We missed this event last year due to us both studying abroad in Florence, Italy. This event is a fun opportunity to collaborate with other Gonzaga SEAS clubs in a friendly and educational competition.

The club also encourages students to collaborate and work with students of various disciplines and ages, providing a sense of mentorship for younger students. In the Fall of 2022, we started collaborating with other engineering clubs on campus and their projects to help implement managerial tactics and technical skills.

We have really enjoyed being a part of the ASEM club, and we want to encourage students to join the club and continue promoting Engineering Management as a major, continuing to grow it in the coming years.