Meet Jamie Bartlett, Director of the Lincoln LGBTQ+ Resource Center

September 02, 2022
Office of Undergraduate Admission

Hi all! My name is Jamie Bartlett and I’ve been hired as the Director of the Lincoln LGBTQ+ Resource Center, a new position in student affairs under the umbrella of Social Justice, Leadership, and Community Empowerment at Gonzaga.

I’ve only recently moved to Spokane after a brief stint in Minnesota - a place I love but do not claim to be “from.” Instead, I fully admit my (northern) California citizenship and have adopted Boulder, Colorado as a second hometown. I earned a doctorate in Integrative Physiology from the University of Colorado, a path that took me on a journey as a Medical Service Corps Officer in the US Navy, university lecturer, and product developer in sports nutrition. Since leaving the Navy, I used the GI Bill to further my education earning an MBA with a focus on entrepreneurship and sustainability. This took me into the startup business world where I helped lead a STEM education company and later as a mentor for new startups across the state of Minnesota. During the pandemic, I earned an additional Master's in Nonprofit Leadership and Management. Collecting this degree was purposeful as I spend a lot of hours working with and for several nonprofits. 

When not working or hanging with my family – which includes my wife Carrie (an ER doc at Sacred Heart), our daughter Izzy (a senior at U. of Oregon), and 3 dogs (all mutts) – I spend time building things out of wood or upcycled products and remodeling our house. However, if you really want to grab my attention just mention women’s soccer. I’m very excited about the USL team coming to Spokane in 2024 with the new downtown stadium. 

Finally, I want to extend my full support to you and your student as they embark on their journey of learning at GU. I’ve lived the chaotic process of sending your child off to college. While it’s an important and exciting transition as they discover what kind of human they will be in the world, it’s not without trials. The Lincoln Center is here to support students on their journey because we know when they feel secure and loved, they can focus on fully cultivating their potential and better serve others. Please reach out to me or the Lincoln Center anytime. Welcome to the Gonzaga community, Go Zags! 

Jamie Bartlett, Ph.D.

Interested and want to learn more about the work that the Lincoln LGBTQ+ Resource Center does to support students? Visit their webpage here