A Conversation on the Intersection of Economics and Climate Change

Portrait of Herman Daly, PhD
Dr. Herman Daly

July 07, 2022
Gonzaga University News Service
Former World Bank economist and co-founder of ecological economics to speak at Gonzaga on intersection of economics and climate change.

SPOKANE, Wash. – How global economies intersect with the global ecosphere will be examined Wednesday, July 13, when a former senior economist with the World Bank’s environmental division speaks at Gonzaga University at a free virtual event open to the public.

Herman Daly, founder of ecological economics and professor emeritus at the University of Maryland, will speak on “Economics for a Full World” at 4:30 p.m.

The author of “Beyond Growth” and “Steady-State Economics” among other books, Daly argues that the world must transition toward a steady-state economy focused on qualitative development as opposed to quantitative growth. Developing policies and institutions for this new economy will require revisiting the purpose and ends of the economy, he has written.

Daly earned his doctorate at Vanderbilt University.

His talk, delivered via webinar, is sponsored by the Gonzaga Center for Climate, Society and the Environment and Gonzaga’s School of Business Administration.

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