Final Academic Day

Enjoying Gelato after the Farewell Dinner
Enjoying Gelato after the Farewell Dinner

May 31, 2022
Marco Navarro

On the final academic day of the Gonzaga in Delft program, students spent the morning and early afternoon working on their final assignment due in Delft. We met in the lobby in the morning and had wrap-up discussions in small groups, recapping what we learned during our three weeks in the Netherlands. We then split into groups based on our specific Areas of Action and began working on a presentation to display our ideas about how Spokane can improve its sustainability. Students either went out to lunch for their last day or finished off the food they had left in their room. After lunch, groups signed up to present their Areas of Action in a video that will be sent to the City of Spokane. The students had free time before dinner to do any last-minute activities or start packing.

The entire class walked to Redjeki for the final dinner in Delft to enjoy a traditional ‘Rijstafel’, which translates into rice table and is an Indonesian meal adapted by the Dutch. Just around the corner was a small gelato shop where the group had their final activity with each other and said goodbyes.

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