Students Visit the Windmills of Kinderdijk

Students smile in front of Kinderdijk windmills.

May 20, 2022
Joie Reyes
Students ride on a water bus to get to Kinderdijk.
View from the water bus to Kinderdijk.
The Gonzaga in Delft Students started the day with an early train to Rotterdam and a water bus to get to Kinderdijk. We witnessed the historical windmills built in the mid-1700s that were used to keep the lower lands of Holland dry. Everyone toured the site on their own to take pictures for our next assignment, which was to capture the different features that play a significant part in this Dutch water management system. Afterward, we took the water bus back to the city of Rotterdam, where some of us went to see the cube houses and grab a bite at the market hall. Some of us ended the day by celebrating Dr. Shimabuku’s send-off home at a restaurant, while others started their weekend travels to Belgium.
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