Michael Martin Soars in Human Physiology

Michael Martin in front of the Bulldog Statue.
Michael Martin in front of the Bulldog Statue.

May 14, 2021
By Hunter Hauser (’23)

SPOKANE, Wash — Gonzaga University graduating senior Michael Martin, who was honored with the 2021 Human Physiology Outstanding Graduate award, looks forward to pursuing a career in healthcare and was recently admitted to Creighton University’s Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program.

Martin said he was delighted to receive the student honor.

“I am extremely humbled to have received this award. I am honored that the faculty within the department recognize me in this capacity,” Martin said.

Throughout his time at Gonzaga, Martin has pushed himself toward academic excellence — achieving the President’s List in six different semesters. Along with his academic success, Martin’s commitment to his career involves serving as a volunteer in the Gonzaga Human Physiology Club.

In service to others, Martin has dedicated time to the Spokane community participating in Gonzaga’s Center for Community Engagement, volunteering as a middle school mentor and role model for students.

Martin credits Gonzaga for his development in a multitude of ways.

“Throughout my time here at GU there has been an emphasis on critical thinking skills and applying my knowledge into forming my ideas and questions,” Martin said. “This skill is essential within the medical field.”

Gonzaga’s emphasis on cura personalis, a Latin term that means care for the whole person, and its strong liberal arts curriculum that places an emphasis on discernment through critical thinking both contributed significantly to his education and will have an impact throughout his career, Martin said.

“When working with people and medicine there is rarely a clear-cut answer. Instead, it requires the use of critical thinking to find the best answer for everyone,” Martin said.

Martin also is grateful for the many faculty and the abundance of resources supporting his success at Gonzaga, “and my peers who were with me every step of the way.”

One particular faculty member who has made an impact upon Martin is David Thorp, Ph.D., professor and chair of human physiology.

“He has supported me in a multitude of capacities through my journey here at GU,” Martin said.  

For his part, Professor Thorp credits Martin’s success to a variety of factors.

“His academic achievements are the result of obvious natural ability, an outstanding work ethic, and dedication to his studies — all in concert with a truly genuine intellectual curiosity that cannot be taught,” Thorp said, adding, “Michael is just an all-around genuinely great person. He has a tremendous personality, a great sense of humor and a razor-sharp wit.”

Martin strives to eventually explore opportunities in advanced practice nursing.

“This most likely means getting my doctorate in nursing practice,” he said, noting an interest in specialties including in-patient diagnosis, treatment, or in a specific field such as anesthesia.

While his academic journey at Gonzaga has been rigorous, Martin said it been completely worth it.

“The countless late nights studying in Foley, and Rosauer have created some lasting memories and friendships which I will forever cherish,” he said.