"Zealously seeking to nurse those who are ill, wherever they may be"

'21 BSN Tayler Chin and Nursing faculty member Trena Redman "hang loose" in lieu of a hug

May 13, 2021
School of Nursing & Human Physiology

Bachelor of Science in Nursing 
Pinning Ceremony 2021

two male nursing students with female instructors or family

Left: William Dituri's mom, Katrina, had the honor of "pinning" him. Right: Bobby Cryder is pinned by faculty member Kaye Slater. 

Nightingale Pledge

I solemnly pledge myself before God and in the presence of this assembly to faithfully practice my profession of nursing. I will do all in my power to make and maintain the highest standards and practices of my profession. I will hold in confidence all personal matters, committed to my keeping in the practice of my calling. I will devote myself to the welfare of my patients, my family, and my community. I will endeavor to fulfill my rights and privileges as a good citizen and take my share of responsibility in promoting the health and welfare of the community. I will constantly endeavor to increase my knowledge and skills in nursing and to use them wisely. I will zealously seek to nurse those who are ill, wherever they may be and whenever they are in need. I will be active in assisting others in safeguarding and promoting the health and happiness of all humankind.

Congratulations to these 48 new nurses: 

  • Angela Banfield

  • Katherine Beliveau

  • Cameron Capie

  • Rachel Carter 

  • Tayler Chin 

  • Emma Combes 

  • Regan Corley 

  • McKenzie Craig 

  • Robert Cryder 

  • William Dituri 

  • Lauren Fong 

  • Hadley Frazier 

  • Madeleine Fritschler 

  • Claire Gillett 

  • Rachel Giroux 

  • Aubrie Guenther 

  • Megan Hayes

  • Annika Helgesen

  • Ann Jacobson

  • Ryan Kelley

  • Maya Krantz 

  • Olivia La Terra 

  • Jessica Lunceford 

  • Robert Matossian 

  • Lauren May

  • Katherine McConnell 

  • Eleanor McElligott 

  • Olivia Molitor 

  • Kelley Morley 

  • Kerryanne North 

  • Abigail Palomarez 

  • Makenna Presnell 

  • Victor Potente 

  • Cabot Rolt

  • Joanna Ross

  • Ellen Rowan 

  • Julienne Ruiz 

  • Samantha Rustia 

  • Eleanor Stedman 

  • Gabrielle Stone 

  • Olivia Stormont 

  • Sydney Terrell 

  • Erica Wahlin 

  • Abigail Walker 

  • Finn Walker 

  • Rachel Walls 

  • Bella Williams 

  • Lydia Wilson


two female students receive nursing pins from women

Left: Olivia Molitor is pinned by faculty member Sara Morasch. Right: Lauren Fong with faculty member Janalee Isaacson.

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