Opening Minds to Approach Complex Problems

The Brennekes
Marge and Dr. Steve Brenneke

March 16, 2021
Dr. Steve ('67) and Marge Brenneke have shown up for Zags with a donation to support students through the Integrated Science and Engineering facility, which is on track to open this fall, and shared the inspiration behind their support:
I attended Gonzaga during the mid-60s graduating with a degree in pre-med.  This facilitated my entry to Oregon Health Sciences University and subsequently an orthopedic residency and practice.  During my time at Gonzaga I had the privilege to work with many of the professors in biology, chemistry, physics, math, and philosophy.  Having spent so many years in the science arena as a practicing physician while also doing some basic science research, it is my opinion that one cannot have too much interaction with the various branches of science early on during the beginning of one’s career in the various fields of science.  I benefited immensely from these fields as I continued my more than 50 years in medicine.  I would hope that the new Integrated Science and Engineering (ISE) building would facilitate that same experience for future science students at Gonzaga.  A broad involvement in science allows a receptive mind new ways to approach complex problems.
Dr. Steve Brenneke ('67)
Join the Brennekes in making a difference for the next generation of Jesuit-educated STEM leaders.