Stronger Together Supporting the ISE

Mike and Sunny Strong
Mike and Sunny Strong exude Zag pride

February 24, 2021

Geraldine "Sunny" ('65) Strong and her husband Douglas "Mike" ('63) are two very important Zags. Together, they chose to give in support of the Integrated Science and Engineering (ISE) facility at Gonzaga, citing their own experience seeing how integration and collaboration can lead to success. 

Having attended many social gatherings associated with Mike’s international science conferences over the years, I noticed the electric benefit of cross-fertilization among professions. Silos don’t produce all the 'what if's?’ We were attracted to the Integrated design of the new building.
Sunny Strong

You can join Mike, Sunny, and the others who believe in the new era of STEM education the ISE is poised to launch at Gonzaga University by making a donation, too.