Showing Up to Empower Future Engineers

Joe Lincoln
Joe Lincoln ('88)

March 12, 2021

As a member of Gonzaga University's Board of Regents and alumnus of the School of Engineering and Applied Science's electrical engineering program, Joe Lincoln ('88) knows how truly valuable the educational experience can be at GU.  He shared his inspiration for donating in support of the future of Jesuit STEM education:

A basic goal for all engineering students entering Gonzaga is to get a great job after graduation. Producing competent engineering graduates requires that the University remains on the cutting edge of innovation and research. I support Gonzaga because I want to make sure that the investment our students make in the University is rewarded with a fulfilling career and a well-rounded liberal arts education.
Joe Lincoln

Gonzaga University is grateful for Joe and the other supporters whose gifts are making it possible for the ISE to be open for Fall 2021.

Join Joe in showing up for the future of STEM by giving in support of the ISE.