For the Love of Zags: Weddings from the Spring '21 Magazine

Man and women look at each other in a forest in wedding outfits.
’13 Carmen Freguila and ’11 Gabriel Olson

February 08, 2021

Congrats to all the Zags who found new ways to say "I Do" during COVID-19 precautions. 

Two photos; on the left a woman and a man pose with flowers in front of trees, and on the right a man and woman pose in front of church

(above left) ’04 Douglas Webb and ’07 Alexandra Benfield married in Tacoma, Wash., by ’04 Fr. Matthew Holland, S.J. 
(above right) ’17 Alexandra Fox and ’17 Brennan Sutey are a match made at Gonzaga in Florence. The pair was to be married at St. Al’s but had to make other arrangements because of coronavirus restrictions.


 Large group poses in behind Gonzaga flag

(above) ’12 Evan Clark married A.J. Paine in Billings, Mont., with more than 50 Zags in attendance – the fall before coronavirus was a thing. Living in Denver, they welcomed their first child in September.


 Man and woman pose in wedding outfits in forest.

(above) ’13 Carmen Freguila and ’11 Gabriel Olson planned a destination wedding in Portugal with their favorite Zags. Instead, they eloped in the presence of close family. 


 Two photos; Man and woman kissing in wedding outfits, and on the right man and woman pose in field

(above left) ’16, ’18 Erin Brooke Earnest met ’16 David Weissinger while volunteering at the Woldson Performing Arts Center. Five Zag grads and one professor joined them for their ceremony
(above right) ’14 Breanna Johnson married ’14 Kevin Schalk after meeting during their freshman year orientation. The rest is history...


Man and women pose in a field with a long veil.

(above) ’16 Elena Gardner and ’17 Cedar Kelly were married in the presence of Zags at an intimate gathering after their original plans changed due to the pandemic (pictured above). 


’16 McKenzie Hollyoak and ’16 Brian Merry celebrated their wedding with close Zag friends, ’04 Fr. Matthew Holland, S.J., officiating, but have postponed a larger ceremony until later this year.

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