Commonality in Individuality


November 01, 2021
Kelsey Solberg, School of Leadership Studies
"Sapient really speaks to how much we have in common with each other, with everyone who’s here, and how that commonality can be found and shared quite easily."
Will Stephan ('17), Alumni, Comprehensive Leadership Program

Sapient Skateboards launched in a Chicago basement in July of 2020 as a tribute to the intersection of art and sport that Founder, Will Stephan, believes skateboarding embodies. This intersection is represented not only in their namesake, but in the detailed designs of their hand-crafted skateboards. Inspired by prehistoric cave art, Sapient’s trademark “Sea of Hands” design is an ode to relationship between the individual and the collective.

“You have this cave wall that is covered with handprints and it so clearly speaks to commonality, to community, to the inherent similarities that we all share. At the same time, however, each hand print was placed by an individual entirely unique to themselves."

Stephan believes this to be the spirit of skateboarding – a distinct, tight knit community that consists of unique individuals and their varying contributions. “It’s this really nice juxtaposition of how the community and the individual are dependent on one another.”

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