Baby Zags: Gonzaga Magazine Fall 2019

collage of baby photos
August 14, 2019

Hearty congratulations to the Gonzaga alumni who welcomed baby Zags into their families this year! 

  1. Josefine, to ’08 Emily Pfeifer and Allen Swanson
  2. Henry, joining ’04 Katie (O’Neill) Eubank and Sam Eubank, and big sister Grace
  3. Mila, to ’14 Kaitlyn (Burt) Beck and Mitchell Beck
  4. Alexander, to ’06 Melissa Tran and William Gilmer
  5. Nora, to ’14 Kendall (Tait) Brown and ’14 Aubrey Brown
  6. Jensen, joining ’09 Amanda (Parsons) Peters, ’08 John Peters, and big sister Brookelyn
  7. Carmen, to ’09 Sara (Sanchez) Swatek and ’09 Mike Swatek
  8. Hudson, to ’09 Jessica (Hubbard) Coombs and ’09 Nathaniel Coombs

baby girl with big brother

Sofia, joining ’13 Amanda (Murray) and ’13 Erik Fuentes, and big brother Julian

Have a bundle of joy to announce to your Gonzaga family? 

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