Wrapping Up and Waving Good“bike”

Sad students saying goodbye to their bikes.

June 03, 2019
Olivia Ramirez

The day began with a class meeting at the hotel where we discussed the grand finale for our time here in Delft, a presentation about the Gonzaga in Delft program to city planners in Amsterdam tomorrow! The professors assigned a topic about our time in the Netherlands to each student and we were required to create one slide on the topic to present.

After a lunch break, we got to work on the presentations with one group going the extra “kilometer” and biking to various streets around Delft to get the perfect pictures for their slides. Next, when the draft slides were finished we met back up with the group, this time at the professors’ apartment, and practiced presenting our slides. We each received comments from the group about improving our presentation and slide and had time to revise our slides.


Next came the sad part of the day, returning our rental bikes. We rode one last time to the bike shop and, after Ian had one last bike tumble tripping over his bike in the store and toppling over two bikes on display, we waved the bikes one last goodbye.

The day ended with a farewell dinner at De Waag, a restaurant in Delft. The food at the restaurant was delicious, my favorite being the dessert of crème brulee, and was a great finish to the second to last day in Delft.
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