Rihjswijk's Carbon-Neutral Neighborhoods

Lily uses her trusty travel-size measuring wheel to determine the width of a two-way bicycle lane in Rijswijk.

May 24, 2019
Darien Schneider
Zags pose outside one of the new neighborhoods toured in Rijswijk.

We rounded out the first full week of classes with a bicycle trip to Rijswijk (pronounced Rice-Vike). As a class, we looked at different intersections and new housing developments.

After measuring widths of pedestrian sidewalks, bike lanes, tram lines/bus lanes, and car lanes to understand how streets accommodate all travelers, we stopped at a nearby park for a picnic.

Once everyone had finished eating and soaked up some sun, we rode around looking at newly built neighborhoods. The Netherlands has recently implemented a law requiring every built house to be carbon neutral starting in 2020. These neighborhoods had already accomplished this, in addition to having plenty of green space. They also utilize kid-friendly streets on which children playing have the same priority as cars driving them.