Readers Respond to Cannonball, Refugees

November 28, 2018
Kate Vanskike


I just got your magazine and it was so good. I have to tell you about "Cannonball" - it was one of the most moving things I've ever read. I just had tears rolling down my cheeks. I would like extra copies to mail to some friends. I love the magazine and you're doing such a great job - wonderful work. 
Bill Hottell (’63) – Twisp, WA
The article really hit me as I just returned from a trip to Spain and we made a special routing to go to Loyola Spain and the "Loiola Sanctuary" which was very inspiring.  My sister (Gonzaga '66) and daughter (Creighton '87), my grandson and I who has additional degrees from Bellarmine Prep and MBA from Xavier felt it was a detour well worthwhile.  Very inspiring to see the room in which Ignatius converted and started the Jesuit order.  Many items of interest that most of us would not recognize or realize actually happened.  Thanks for stressing his importance to all of us and our successes in life.
Larry Atwell (’61) – Cheyenne, WY

Responding to Race

I am saddened when I read a letter from a Gonzaga grad objecting to your magazine’s “leftwing progressive ideology.” I recommend Keven Kruse’s book, One Nation Under God: How Corporate America Invented Christian America. Kruse recounts how a group of conservative Protestants formed an organization in opposition to President Roosevelt’s New Deal’s social programs, such as Social Security, and were funded by American corporate money. That effort continues to today. 
Michael Preston (’65) – Sausalito, CA

Refugee Service

Reading the article featured in the fall 2018 issue of Gonzaga Magazine entitled “Welcoming the Stranger” was a wonderful and heart felt piece. Law Professor Ballad’s dedication in her spare time to assist refugees fleeing their countries due to war, persecution, or conflict to resettle in the U.S. by arming them with the necessary legal knowledge to navigate life in Spoke, WA is commendable. Her actions reinforces the mission of this great university and that is, engage in service for the common good – social justice, global engagement, and aiding the poor and vulnerable. It is a shame that under this current Administration it has announced plans to reduce the number of refugee entry from 45,000 to 30,000. Furthermore, this Administration is considering a merit based system for refugee entry. The U.S. is founded on immigrants, many poor, seeking a better live for themselves and their families. The idea that America could open its doors only to the few with valuable skills is disheartening and unpatriotic. Thank you for publishing this piece!
Angel and Angella Braveboy (’01) – Silver Spring, MD


I am grateful for each issue of Gonzaga Magazine. It is professional, tasteful, and illustrates how committed Gonzaga is to key issues in the world. Thank you!
Fr. Philip Shano, SJ – Toronto, ON

Mystery Zag – Tony Via

Thirty grads responded to the latest Mystery Zag with memories of Father Tony Via. Read their responses here.


We regret the misspelling of a former student’s name in “In Memoriam.” Our condolences to the family of Erik Bruhjell.

In “Open Mind, Open Heart,” Gonzaga Magazine incorrectly referred to an Iraqi gentleman now living in Spokane as having been an interpreter for the U.S. military. While in Iraq, he had worked as a dentist in the Iraqi army; he now serves as a medical interpreter.


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