Alumni Spotlight: Megan Finnerty, Teacher Education, ’16

Megan Finnerty with her class

June 22, 2017
  1. Tell us about yourself: Megan Finnerty, BA in Sociology (2015) and a Masters in Initial Teaching (2016; now Master in Teaching) .
  2. What are you doing now?: Kindergarten teacher, moving on to First grade next year.
  3. Why did you choose a program in the School of Education at Gonzaga? I knew I would graduate with the credentials and confidence to become an effective teacher.
  4. What influenced you the most during your time at Gonzaga? As an undergrad entering into the elementary education certification, John Traynor assisted me in creating a 4 year plan. He helped me realize that I could graduate in 3 years and get back to teaching while receiving my Masters degree for my final year a GU. He aided in my success in becoming a highly qualified teacher. That being said, the faculty in the Gonzaga School of Education is top notch. I am forever grateful for the information and life lessons that I was taught while at GU.
  5. What was your greatest lesson learned at Gonzaga? The notion of assuming the best in a person. Whether it be a challenging student, a trying parent or even an uneasy coworker, the idea of seeing the best in that person helps in every situation. We all have our daily struggles or personal situations, knowing that I can assume the best and hope for positivity has made me an understanding educator and leader.
  6. What is the most rewarding aspect of working in your field? Most challenging?Most rewarding: ah-ha moments! Seeing my students reading with budding confidence or hearing them say “I get it!” when solving a new math equation.Most challenging: giving all students the attention they deserve. So often students that are challenging behaviorally or academically steal the spotlight. However, I think every student needs equal attention and one on one interaction.
  7. What advice do you have for future education professionals? This career is hard work but so incredibly rewarding. You are able to impact children’s lives which I think is the best gift you can give. Have fun and work hard, your students deserve it!