Professor Holland Presents at National Association of Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement Conference

October 04, 2017
Gonzaga Law Professor Brooks R. Holland spoke to a national audience at the 2017 Annual Conference of the National Association for Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement held in Spokane, WA in September. In a talk titled, “Legal Updates: Legal Decisions Shaping and Affecting Civilian Oversight,” Holland served as co-presenter with Nancy Talner, a Senior Staff Attorney with the ACLU of Washington, and spoke before an audience of police oversight professionals, members of law enforcement, policy makers, and civil rights lawyers and activists. After their talk, Holland and Talner fielded questions during an extensive Q&A session from attendees from around the nation.

Holland, who holds the J. Donald and VaLena Scarpelli Curran Faculty Chair in Legal Ethics, has devoted his energies to NACOLE and its mission because of the urgent need that lawyer and non-lawyer members of the field have for nuanced, detailed, and current information about the country’s most recent legal decisions. Because of Holland’s academic research interests, he was able to provide NACOLE members and conference attendees with both the forest and the trees, allowing them to apply the information to their practical work. Holland and Talner’s presentation touched on issues including the future of police oversight and accountability as well as the role of federalism, in light of the recent changes in the U.S. Department and within the federal judiciary.

NACOLE awarded two Gonzaga Law students conference scholarships allowing them to fully engage with the annual conference. Dustin Howie and Anthony Bandiero, both members of the Gonzaga Law Class of 2019, attended NACOLE and were able to access the organization’s broad range of oversight information, best practices, and professional networks during the annual conference in Spokane.