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The human species now threatens Earth’s capacity to sustain life as we know it. Global climate change is an urgent threat that will define much of the 21st century. An expression of Gonzaga’s Catholic, Jesuit and humanistic tradition, the Climate Center provides resources and opportunities to meet the unprecedented challenges facing humanity and the wider natural environment in the 21st century. This new interdisciplinary academic center serves Gonzaga students and our region by advancing innovative, interdisciplinary scholarship, teaching, consulting, and capacity-building.
The Gonzaga Bulldogs are the right mascot. We’ve got to be bulldogs on this issue (of climate change). We’ve got to grab our teeth into it and not let go until we beat this monster. So, this is a bulldog kind of effort and I want to thank Gonzaga for its leadership.
Governor Jay Inslee Washington State

The Center reflects Gonzaga’s regional leadership in

  • educating students to live and lead in an era of climate disruption,
  • preparing faculty (both university faculty and K-12 educators) to thoughtfully incorporate climate and sustainability pedagogy and curricula, and
  • assisting municipal, religious, tribal, community, and corporate entities to understand and respond to the challenges of climate change.


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