Gonzaga in Florence 50th Anniversary


Thank you for celebrating 50 years of the Gonzaga-in-Florence!

Over 400 alumni and friends enjoyed an unforgettable few days in Florence celebrating 50 years of GIF. Please enjoy this slideshow with some great images of the GIF 50th Anniversary in Florence. The images will take you right back to the Welcome Reception at the Palazzo Vecchio, walking tours around Florence with Dr. Batterman, and the unforgettable Gala at the Palazzo Corsini. If you are interested in downloading a picture from the slide show, please contact Katie Doree at doree@gonzaga.edu.

The Gonzaga-in-Florence program has been made possible for years because alumni and friends of the program have been generous. As one alumnus said, "We all need to 'GIF,' as in Give It Forward." Stay tuned, you are going to hear more on this in the coming months. The pride shown during our 50th reunion year is transferred into life-long memories and the transformation of generations of students to come.

How will you “Give-It-Forward”?

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Katie Doree
G-I-F 50th Anniversary Liaison
(509) 868-2908