Scholarship Facts

A competitive financial aid package attracts the best students to
Gonzaga University.

Average remaining need for a Gonzaga student after financial aid is administered is $7,050.

Gonzaga redistributes $70 million in tuition revenue back to students as financial aid; these are critical dollars that could be spent on academic programs.

Five percent of the financial aid budget is funded by Gonzaga’s endowment.

The distribution of federal and state aid is changing, affecting access to college for talented and qualified, yet low-income, students.

Donor-funded scholarships account for 1,605 of the 12,138 scholarships awarded each year.

Financial aid encourages students to study abroad by allowing them to use their financial aid for programs like Gonzaga-in-Florence.

Nine out of every 10 students receive financial aid, each package averaging $23,966 in 2013-14.