Daniel G. Brajcich Scholarship

Professor Emeritus Dan Brajcich, one of Gonzaga's most beloved professors passed away March 18, 2004. The man who gave a whole new meaning to the term "college career" is enormously missed.


Brajcich joined the GU community in 1939 intending to stay for just a year, and never left. He earned three degrees from Gonzaga: bachelor's ('43), juris doctor ('45), and master's ('70). The teaching career he began here in 1945 spanned five decades and then some. Though he had officially retired, he still put in a few hours every day, Monday through Friday. "He'd be lost if he wasn't able to interact with students," his wife of 58 years, Dorothy, once said. But actually, it was just the opposite. How many of his former accounting students say they would have been the lost ones were it not for their mentor and friend, Dan Brajcich.

"I always told my students they could do anything if they just believed they could, and tried," Brajcich once said. "I told them, don't think the guy sitting in the desk beside you is smarter than you are. If he can do something, then you can too."

Right up to his final day, Brajcich's mind was as sharp as ever, and his sense of humor was in top form. "You have to laugh in life. Life is tough, and God gives everyone good and bad. You just need to keep smiling and laughing."

In gratitude for all the wisdom he imparted and friendship he shared, Brajcich's former students keep on giving in his honor. Thanks to the continued generosity of those whose lives he touched, the Daniel G. Brajcich Endowed Scholarship has grown to over $2.5 million. Scholarships awarded from the fund have helped over 500 business students.