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If your question is not answered below, please call the Development Office at (509) 313-5993 or (800) 463-6925, or e-mail giftinfo@gonzaga.edu. A member of our staff will be happy to assist you.

We welcome your input! If you would like to recommend a question for this list, please send your suggestions to Cheryl Mitchell at mitchell@gu.gonzaga.edu.

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What are the University's current top funding priorities?

The University's key priorities can be found on the "Giving Opportunities" tab of the Development page. Briefly, they include providing scholarship support to talented and deserving students, building and enhancing academic and campus programs, attracting and retaining the best faculty for our students, and providing the best possible facilities for optimal learning and student living.

What is an endowment fund?

A gift of at least $50,000 can establish an endowment, a fund that is invested by Gonzaga University to fund programs in perpetuity. The principal remains intact, and interest earned by the endowment is used to fund the designated programs. Typical spending from an endowment fund is approximately 4.5 to 5.0 percent. Any additional earnings are reinvested in the fund to ensure future growth.

Will my small gift really make a difference?

Yes! Every gift makes a difference. Your gift and others like it combine to cover a range of immediate needs and helps further the Jesuit mission of transforming lives. Participation from alumni, parents, faculty, staff, and students at all gift levels, no matter the amount, demonstrates endorsement by the Gonzaga community for the many exciting initiatives taking place at our great University.

Why is alumni participation so important?

Each year Gonzaga University is rated by such organizations as U.S. News & World Report, and alumni giving percentages are noted and factored into the ranking process. Alumni participation is used as an indicator of alumni satisfaction in this rating and by some college guidebooks and foundations. Alumni who participate at any level are helping Gonzaga's standing for student recruitment, fund raising, and overall reputation.

High alumni participation in giving indicates to major philanthropic foundations that an institution is considered among its constituents to be a valuable investment. Thus foundations are more likely to fund grant requests from institutions with a high level of alumni giving.

Is joining the Alumni Association the same as making a gift?

No. The annual dues paid to be an Alumni Association member help to fund the programs the Alumni Association supports. While this certainly benefits Gonzaga University, it does not address the same needs that private support does. 

What is the University's fiscal year? How does that affect my gift?

Gonzaga's fiscal year runs from June 1 to May 31. Giving numbers and participation data are calculated and donor recognition lists are compiled based on gifts processed between those dates.

How do I specify where I want my gift to go?

You can specify the gift designation by writing a letter stating the intent or by simply writing where the gift should go in the memo portion of your check.

I would like to honor a friend or give a gift in memory of a family member. Is this possible?

Yes. Commemorating a special person with a gift to Gonzaga University can be tremendously satisfying. It is a lasting tribute to a loved one, friend, or colleague, and it provides valuable support to GU.

A gift "in honor of" someone is usually made while that person is living, often for milestone occasions such as a graduation, promotion, birth of a child or grandchild, or retirement. A gift "in memory of" someone is the term used when the namesake is deceased.

You may designate the placement of your gift and choose a program important to you or the gift's namesake. If you need help selecting a program, a member of our development staff would be happy to help with suggestions.

You may even want to create a fund in someone's name. It may be a one-time fund, or one you and others can contribute to continually. Sometimes these funds are endowed. This means that your gift is invested and only the income will be used. An endowed fund usually requires a substantial gift to generate sufficient income. For specific information on endowments, contact Heidi Wohl at (509) 313-6395 or wohl@gonzaga.edu.

How should I make out my gift check to GU, and where should I send it?

Checks should be made payable to Gonzaga University and sent to:

Gonzaga University
Development Office
502 E Boone Ave
Spokane, WA 99258-0098

Does Gonzaga University provide for online giving at a secure site?

Yes. We have teamed with a processing company, CashNet, to provide you with a secure site where your gift information will be processed immediately and confidentially. Please click here to conveniently make a gift by credit card.

Whom do I contact if I have a question or problem making an online donation?

Please ask for assistance by emailing us at giftinfo@gonzaga.edu or calling us at (509) 313-5994 or (800) 463-6925.

Does Gonzaga University accept contributions by credit card? If so, which cards?

Yes! Gonzaga accepts Visa and MasterCard. Please use this site: www.gonzaga.edu/giveonline or call (509) 313-5994.

Can I make recurring monthly or quarterly gifts?

Yes! Please call our gift accounting office at (800) 463-6925 or email giftinfo@gonzaga.edu.

In addition, Gonzaga University offers you the opportunity to make your gift through electronic funds transfer (EFT). With your authorization, your checking account will be automatically debited in the amount you designate at the same time each month. At any time you desire, you may change or cancel your authorization – you retain control throughout the entire process. Please click here to download and print the EFT authorization form. It can be mailed to:

Gonzaga University
Development Office
502 E Boone Ave
Spokane, WA 99258-0098

Will I get a receipt for tax purposes?

Yes. Our gift accounting office acknowledges all donation amounts and you can expect an official receipt for your taxes in the mail soon after your gift is received. If you make your gift online, you will also receive a confirmation notice via e-mail.

Who should I call if I have a question about my gift receipt?

For questions about your receipt, you may contact our Gift Accounting office at (509) 313-5994, (800) 463-6925 or giftinfo@gonzaga.edu during the hours of 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Do gifts to Gonzaga University qualify as an income tax deduction?

Yes. Gonzaga University is a not-for-profit (or charitable) organization with 501(c)(3) IRS status. Contributions to Gonzaga University are tax deductible in the manner and to the extent provided by section 170 of the internal revenue code. It is recommended that you consult your tax advisor regarding the exact deductibility of gifts to Gonzaga University.

What is Gonzaga's tax ID number?

Gonzaga's tax ID number is 91-0236600.

Where can I go for additional information about tax deductible contributions?
What are my rights as a donor?

Gonzaga University subscribes to the Donor Bill of Rights developed by the American Association of Fund-Raising Counsel (AAFRC), Association for Healthcare Philanthropy (AHP), Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE), and the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP):

Philanthropy is based on voluntary action for the common good. It is a tradition of giving and sharing that is primary to the quality of life. To assure that philanthropy merits the respect and trust of the general public, and that donors and prospective donors can have full confidence in the not-for-profit organizations and causes they are asked to support, we declare that all donors have these rights: Please click here to read the Donor Bill of Rights in full.

How will my name appear in giving rosters or other publications?

Individuals who make a gift to Gonzaga University can be recognized in the annual Report of the President and the online Honor Roll of Donors. Specific academic divisions (School of Law, Schools of Engineering and Business Administration, etc.) also publish donor lists for their areas in their newsletters.

Can I make a gift anonymously and forgo being publicly recognized?

Gonzaga University will respect your desire for anonymity and will not disclose your gift. We are proud to recognize the generosity of our donors through published donor lists and donor recognition events. When donors notify us that they choose not to be publicly recognized for their support, we will accommodate the request. Anonymous donors must provide personal information for tax purposes, but that information will remain confidential. Please let us know if you would prefer not to have your name listed by calling (509) 313-5994, (800) 463-6925 or sending an email request to giftinfo@gonzaga.edu.

What is a matching gift?

Many companies encourage their employees to make charitable contributions by matching their philanthropic support, sometimes on a one-to-one, two-to-one, or even a three-to-one basis. The impact of corporate matching support can be enormous. Hundreds of companies have matching-gift programs. To find out if you work for one of them, use this online search or consult your human resources office, which will also provide you with a matching gift form and instructions.

Does my employer have a matching gift program?

Hundreds of companies have matching-gift programs. To find out if you work for one of them, use this online search or consult your human resources office, which will also provide you with a matching gift form and instructions.

If I cannot make a gift right now, what are my options?

You can very easily make a pledge now, and then request that the University remind you or charge your credit card at a specific time in the future. Making a pledge gives you the opportunity to distribute your payments throughout the year, allowing you to consider a larger gift to the University.

What are my pledge payment options?

For your convenience, billing arrangements can be made monthly, quarterly, or annually. We gladly accept the following forms of payment: cash, check, electronic check, credit card, electronic fund transfer, wire transfer, and stocks/securities.

My financial situation has changed. Can I modify my pledge?

Yes. Please contact our Gift Accounting office at (509) 313-5994, (800) 463-6925 or giftinfo@gonzaga.edu to change your pledge accordingly.

How can I support the University through my estate (e.g., bequest, life insurance, retirement assets, etc.)?

We have an increasing number of alumni and friends who are benefiting from life income gifts and other estate gift plans. These gifts provide wonderful benefits, from increased income to generous tax savings, for our benefactors. For more information, please contact our Planned Giving office at (509) 313-6141, (800) 388-0881 or plannedgiving@gonzaga.edu.

Click here to learn more about how you, your loved ones and Gonzaga University can benefit from a planned gift.

I have not heard from Gonzaga University recently. Am I still in your database?

It may be possible we do not have your current information on record. Please contact our Advancement Services office at (509) 313-6382, (800) 463-6925, or visit our online record update form to submit your changes.

How can I correct/update my records?

Please contact our Development Research and Information Services office at (509) 313-6382, (800) 463-6925,or visit our online record update form to submit your changes.

I'd like to receive the GONZAGA Magazine and other GU mailings. How do I sign up?

You can visit our online record update form and mark the box "I would like to receive the GONZAGA Magazine. Please add my name to your mailing list." You can also call our office at (509) 313-6382 or (800) 463-6925.

Does Gonzaga University rent or sell my personal information to third parties?

Never. Your personal information will remain confidential and will never be sold by Gonzaga University or traded with another organization. Information contained in our records is used only for University-related business.

What if I still have questions?

If you still have questions, please call the Office of University Advancement at (509) 313-6215 or (800) 463-6925, or e-mail giftinfo@gonzaga.edu. A member of our staff will be happy to assist you.

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